I Can’t Get Off And Hitchhike

Wed. 13 Dec. ‘44


Dear folks,

This won’t be too long tonight as there isn’t much to say. I don’t have any more letters to answer now. I don’t feel so hot today and haven’t all day. The sea isn’t too rough I suppose actually but boy it’s throwing me around too doggoned much. This boat is rolling in 4 different directions I’d swear. I have an easily upset stomach as you know. I’ve stuffed myself at both meals today when I wasn’t hungry just to keep full. I’ve kept it down O.K. too so far which is more than a lot have done. I’ve spent nearly all day on deck as our quarters down here are no place to nurse a lousy feeling stomach. We don’t get quite enough circulation of air in my opinion. It’s still a little early but there isn’t much I can say. I hope this ocean irons itself out by tomorrow. We still have way too far to go for me but I can’t get off and hitchhike. I’m going to fly back or something as I can’t see doing this again. Well enough complaining for one day so I’ll sign off.




The Lt. Licks Them

Tues. 12 Dec. ‘44


Dear folks,

One more day at sea. I’m almost losing track of the days. Same old lineup today. The wind is really blowing and we are rolling quite a bit. I got a pretty fair night’s sleep last night and breakfast was fair. I guess I’m getting used to the food now. They prepare it with virtually no seasoning. They seem to use no salt at all on stuff. Let’s see — I had bread, butter, jam, a boiled egg, and oatmeal for breakfast. I spent quite a bit of the day watching the waves splash. The spray was flying and I had a little trouble as when the water evaporated it left salt all over my glasses. I was on a mopping detail for awhile this morning so that kept me busy. I actually did a little work this afternoon. Sgt. Kumins got us together and put us to work for awhile. We got our usual lineup of stuff from the ships canteen today. I’m getting a small cache of food stored up now for that rainy day sometime.

So that’s about all I have to say about today. Some people think I’m foolish to write so many letters but I know what I’m doing. I figure you’ll be nearly a month without mail so if you get a lot of letters at once, even though they are pretty stale news (and very little of that) at least you’ll have some to read for awhile. If I know you you’ll appreciate a lot of mail as much as I do even though a little late.

I still have one letter of yours to answer so I’ll get at it. Mon. Dec. 4 – Yeh, a month ago I was home. A year ago I was too and I believe it’s about 2 yrs. today since I got my first notice. Xmas day completes my 2nd year. I know my letters aren’t the same as always but I can’t help it much. Where was that Geo. In the Pacific? I am pretty far behind in the news here. We get some war news occasionally over the P.A. system but I miss our old radios. We really got good programs and good reception on the coast. I don’t know where Vox Pop was broadcast from last night but I wasn’t there. I mail my letters unsealed, the Lt. licks them. So far you have seen names of Lt’s Harris & Vidugiris, Co. officers. You’ll usually see theirs or a couple other Lt’s names maybe. All 5 of those letters were mailed at once. I got only one pass. We were alerted a few hours before I got another one or before I was to get it. You should have gotten at least 6 letters plus Xmas cards and an extra letter or two before the break came. On a day or two I wrote twice as you’ll note. You probably got the last ones yesterday. I may use air mail if I can get the stamps and it saves time. I imagine it helps quite a bit. I made 5 trips home up through the old Arkansas, Missouri to Chicago route. I carried that bath towel until the last place. There we had to get rid of all that weren’t O.D. in color so out it went. After we all got rid of our low cut shoes we found we could have kept them but that’s the way it goes. We write on one side so nothing will be unintentionally obliterated should the censor decide to do a little cutting up. Your glasses don’t need changing – you see perfectly. As for your choice of phonograph records I don’t think you could have done any better. You got exactly the right ones.

Well that covers your second letter and answers all I have from you until I get some when we land (I hope). I’ll probably get quite a few at once. I have a couple letters to answer from Rudy and Edna yet before we land but I guess I’ll have lots of time.

Bedtime is approaching so I’ll be signing off until next time. So long




I erled my rifle today

Mon. 11 Dec. ‘44


Dear folks,

Another day, another $2.64. I make 20% more pay now for overseas service. This won’t be so long tonight. Some of the things I said last time, I can’t say so I lined them out. The censor may clip them. The day goes faster now as I’m getting accustomed to it all. I got a good night’s sleep last night and either I was hungrier or the food was better because it tasted pretty good. I guess I can tell you what it was O.K. – bread, butter, jelly, oatmeal & potatoes. After eating they gave each one of us a little kit prepared by the Red Cross. They are quite nice. I got the little bag which when empty can be used for toilet articles, and inside it were some envelopes, a tablet, pencil, comb, razor blades (double edge unfortunately), life savers, shoe laces, soap, soap dish, a book and a pkg. of Chesterfields which I gave to one of the boys. I spent most of the morning on deck. I hope we keep on having good weather. It was really swell out today. The motion of the boat doesn’t seem to bother me any more for which I’m thankful. This afternoon we got a chance to see a show. It was on old one: “Coney Island” with Betty Grable & George Montgomery. When I saw it the first time conditions were much different. I saw it over a year ago at the good old U-Ark. theater in Fayetteville and the theater didn’t rock a bit. Today we were up a bit high and the higher, the more you rock. Anyway I still enjoyed it.

I got ambitious and erled my rifle today. It was about time too as rust was beginning to form. They inspected it this afternoon and it was O.K. We got our provisions from the P.X. this afternoon. They cut our ration every day but I have a little store of food I’m slowly building up, just in case. Supper tonight wasn’t bad – potatoes, carrots, bread, butter, and rice pudding. Tomorrow I’m on a mop detail to help clean the place after each meal.

I won’t answer your other letter tonight as it’s nearly bed time. I was up on deck awhile ago with one of my boys. I’ve picked up a new buddy or I should say he picked me up. I’ll tell you about him sometime. I’s swell out tonight, lots of stars and it’s good to get up for fresh air. Some of the fellows were singing Xmas carols. It makes me homesick as the dickens but I still like them better than any other music.

Well I’ll call this quits for tonight and start preparing for bed. So for tonight,

All my love,


I’m Impressed About Enough

Sun. 10 Dec. ‘44

8:30 p.m. by my watch, 7:30 your time


Dear folks,

One more day. I sure feel a lot better tonight. Last night I got to bed soon after I finished your letter and got about 7 hours sleep I guess. I felt much better when I got up and have increased in spirit during the day. I seem to have gotten my sea legs now and I’ve lost most of the dizzy feeling. Probably when I get off this crate and try to walk on good old “terra firma” I’ll wobble all over the place. By the time I get there I’ll probably be ready to kiss the grass of “dear old [scratched out-England]” if it were green. It looks as if I might make it in time for an [scratched out-English] Xmas, whether that’s good or bad. I sure hope we aren’t on this yet by Xmas.

Time goes pretty slowly naturally. Of course by the time you get up, take care of sleeping paraphernalia (what a word), eat and clean all the utensils the forenoon is about ½ over and I spent the other ½ of it on deck. It’s quite an impressive sight but between us I’m impressed about enough. The water changes a lot and with the sun shining becomes quite pretty at times. The weather is very good for which none of us are complaining a bit. I’ll be O.K. now unless we hit a lot of rough weather some time.

This afternoon they got generous and gave us more shots. We got our first order filled from the ship’s canteen. I got my full ration of candy, cookies and peanuts. Now I’m writing after the evening meal. For security reasons the ship is blacked out at night. I was out on deck for a few minutes and it’s really black. There’s no light at all, just blackness and slapping water.

Ahh! I feel better now. I quit a few minutes and washed up and shaved and it really freshens one up. Now I’ll start to answer your 2 letters. I have about an hour left before bed time. First your letter started Mon. 20 Nov. — I stopped you from writing a little soon as it turned out but at least I had no mail to follow me. I saw a little snow on the trip to the coast but only a small amount. I sure hope Pop’s ribs are beginning to heal up by now. I guess I won’t be playing much ping pong from here on in unless they have USO’s over there which I very much doubt. No more brass to shine. We left our blouses behind for wool sweaters which are very warm. I probably won’t have too much time to write but you know I’ll do my best. Pop was the one who said Shorty was in the Marines. Yes, I wrote to Elmo. I wrote to everybody except Thelma & Mrs. C. I’m afraid if he sends a box it may be a long time on the way as we may move pretty much for awhile. It’s good you can get your tires recapped pretty easily. The old car will be pretty near shot by the time this is all over. I figured the camera might have been more trouble than it was worth. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should never have complained about our good mess sgt.’s efforts. You bet I like those pictures. If there’s more send them along. Everyone thinks you and Dad look so young to be my parents and that’s no kidding. That must have been the letter I got from Lillis before leaving Texas. If Pop keeps at those ribs he’ll never get them healed. We’ll have to make him a utility repairman. So far I have one Xmas card – from Edna. I sent about 15 besides yours. I’m glad that pkg. got there O.K. Bart is still in U.S. I guess. Rudy is too. He didn’t make this trip with us as he was at school but I imagine he won’t be far behind. He heard from Ferd & he’s back in Finance. I’m glad for him. Are they playing carols from the tower this year? You just forget about any donations to the blood bank. You need all you have. I forgot all about that change of address card so it’s my fault but I’d have had mail the second day there if you had written when you got it. My watch is operating O.K. now and always has. Thanks for adding those stamps to my collection. I imagine my rifle could stand some erl now. Well, I’m glad the old man kept his word and sent that book on out. Your mail to me is uncensored. Olives, umh! Nate must be doing O.K. for himself. Maybe you’ll see him. You’ll be a long time without mail this time. I typed that card long before we left & that’s why I forgot it. I guess my letters haven’t been cut much yet. Yes, I can spell inflate now. I see we think along the same lines.

Well this is pretty short in answer to 28 pages but I’ve hit the high spots & what I thought I should. I have one more to answer yet. You’ll notice this is small writing but I’m trying to keep the letters from being too bulgy. So for one more day,

So long,

All my love,


Water, Water, Everywhere

Sat. 9 Dec. ‘44

Somewhere at Sea,


Dear folks,

Yipe, I don’t know how long this letter will be but I’ll write a little each day if I can. I’m not seasick (yet) but it could happen any time now. Sitting like this looking at one place doesn’t help much either. I’m not sick at all but I do have a headache and I find myself a bit dizzy when I go to walk. It’s wearing off now some but we haven’t hit any really rough water as yet. The boat doesn’t pitch, it just sort of rolls from side to side and rises and falls some. We are fortunate in having a pretty smooth riding boat. Most of the things that have happened in the last couple days I can’t talk about. Some of the things I do mention may not get past “most honorable censor” but if they clip any of this you can read around the holes. First we had a very interesting trip from our camp to the boat. My previous boat riding experience had been limited to the ferry ride across Frisco bay and I can assure you there’s much difference. There were times when I’d have appreciated wheels instead of feet. Everything I have was on my back and shoulders and believe me it got heavy. But that wasn’t all. The Co. Clerk’s life isn’t all sunshine for besides all my gear I was stuck with a chest of records weighing 40 or 50 pounds which I had to carry. I had one of my boys carry my typewriter. I can’t tell you much about conditions on the boat because it would possibly give an indication as to its size or type or to the number of us on it. We mess twice a day which shouldn’t be much of a secret. Confidentially the food is lousy but I suppose we should appreciate it as one never knows what’s in store for him. The day is pretty long. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on deck but there’s not much to see. “Water, water everywhere,” if I may quote The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. A few things in sight are very reassuring. It’s good to know someone is around to fall back on just in case. Except for occasional drills there’s nothing much doing. They are finally giving us a little music over the P.A. system which helps a lot. I have an order in for some stuff from the ship’s canteen tomorrow.

Today was a big day. They put our mail on the boat and gave it out today and boy was it good. I got 4 letters – your long letter, your Mon. 4 Dec. letter, a Xmas card from Edna & a letter from Rudy written to me at my old spot. I won’t answer them in this one but it really kicked my morale up a couple hundred points and I ain’t kidding.

I’ll probably have quite a bit of time to answer them before this trip is over. I figure you’ll get about a dozen letters at once maybe, that is if I keep in shape to write. Barring rough weather I think I’ll make the trip pretty well. I know you’ll have a long break with no mail – maybe nearly a month – but I’m doing all I can. I forgot – you ought to see me – no you hadn’t either – I have about ¼ inch of hair left. I figured the shorter the easier to keep clean.

Well it’ll soon be time for bed so I’ll say so long until next time,



Christmas Card

[Christmas card with the following greeting:

Christmas Greetings

From One Who Cares


At Christmas and always,

There’s Someone who shares

Your dreams and your wishes –

Somebody who Cares –

And here is a greeting

With best wishes, too.

That Christmas will find

All your dreams coming



6 Dec. ‘44

This one is for all 4 of you, Mom, Dad, Gram and Annabelle. This is the kind of card I sent to most of the people. They aren’t much in the way of a card but after all it’s the thought that counts with me.





That’s About All I Can Say

Sat. 25 Nov. ‘44

4:45 p.m.


Dear folks,

Just quit work so I’ll write until supper time. I think I’ll go in to town tonight as it’s my last chance. Last night after I wrote to you I wrote short letters to Dick H. and Rudy Helle. Then I dubbed my boots, and got to bed at about 9:00. I was up at the usual time this morning, dressed, out for reveille, turned in my blankets to be cleaned, and then went to breakfast – eggs, toast, butter & milk. After eating I shaved, fixed up my stuff and went to work. I got my report out, entered a lot of stuff and spent the rest of the time helping pack stuff. At noon I quit for dinner – potatoes, beets, salad, bread, jello and fruit salad. After eating I got in a few games before going to work again. Chow time.

Sun. 26 Nov. ’44 – 12:15 noon. Back again. It’s a work day today so I’ll write until time to go back. After dinner yesterday I worked until about 4:30 helping with packing. Then I quit for supper and wrote on this until we ate – potatoes, salad, bread, butter and pudding. After eating I cleaned up, changed my clothes and at about 6:00 went in to town. Buck was still working so I took a package in and mailed it out for him. Then I walked around a little, got some ice cream and waited at the U.S.O. until he came in a little after 8:30. We looked over the situation and finally went to a show. It was “In the Meantime Darling,” a comedy with Jean Crane. It was a pretty good picture plus a newsreel, cartoon and a March of Time. It was about 10:45 by the time we got out. We caught a bus and got about ½ way when the brakes caught fire or something happened. We stopped and they had to stop an empty bus in order to get us back. By the time I got to bed it was about midnight. I was really sleeping when the lights came on at 6:15 this morning. We got up, dressed and fell out for reveille. We were the only company out there. At the usual time we ate breakfast –cakes, butter, bran flakes, milk, and grapefruit. After breakfast I went back to bed and slept until 8:15 before I went to work. I did my report, fixed up my boys who are being transferred at the last minute to get us down to authorized strength and got my records all arranged. At about 11:45 we quit and I ate – potatoes (sweet), salad, dressing, bread, butter, peanut butter, cookies & ice cream. Now here I am. The company is let off now and then can even get passes which is quite unusual at this stage. I unfortunately have to work. Just how long I don’t know yet. We have to have all our stuff packed tonight so I’ll do that as soon as I get through. I can see myself now, rifle on one shoulder, duffle bag on the other, overcoat on my arm & pack on my back. It may balance up pretty well. I understand I’m going to travel in style. I’m supposed to be in a stateroom with the 1st/Sgt. & platoon sgt., which may be a pretty good deal. I intend to do a lot of writing. During that space of time I ought to be able to write a short letter to everyone who writes to me. Then I’ll be all caught up & they’ll all have my address. From then on it’s up to them. This will probably be the last letter you’ll get until I arrive as we can’t mail them off the train. This is my last uncensored letter. I understand yours to me won’t be but of that I’m not positive. My letters will be much less interesting from now on I imagine but we’ll see. It quit raining yesterday and hasn’t started yet again but it’s pretty cloudy. Our stuff will be outside again tomorrow so it better not rain. Well its 12:45 so I’ll sign off for now.

Back at 4:45 p.m. I went back to work at 1:00 and we worked until 2:30 making a final check on everything. Then I came back and started to pack. We have definite instructions on how everything goes. I washed out some stuff that was dirty as its hard telling when we might be able to on the other end. We have to carry all our necessary items for the trip – sox, underwear, hankies, toilet articles, rain coat, etc. in our pack. The rest of our stuff goes in the duffle bag and will be loaded in a baggage car. That’s good as it saves me having to carry it around here at least. I have all my stuff packed now or fixed so I can toss it in in a couple minutes. The sun is out now and it looks like a clear day tomorrow (I hope). I dressed and ate at 4:30 – potato salad, tomatoes, bread, cheese & pickles. Now here I am. So that’s about all I can say. You’ll get a letter from me probably about a week from Mon. or Tues. So I guess that’s about all I can say. I’ll be seein’ you. So long for awhile,


U no Who?

Mrs. Forist’s Little Boy

Fri. 24 Nov. ‘44

6:40 p.m.


Dear folks,

What a day. Mrs. Forist’s little boy is very, very disgusted with the United States Army & the state of Texas. He isn’t complaining too much about Texas though for obvious reasons.

Last night when I finished your letter I came back and got to bed. We were woke at 6:00 this morning due to the inspection and had reveille at about 6:20. After reveille I hurried over and did my morning report before going to breakfast – potatoes, toast, butter, corn flakes, milk and grapefruit. After eating I took some stuff over to the office & came back & tossed the rest of my junk in my bag and pack and took it outside. At about 8:00 we shouldered all our stuff and carried it across to an open field. There we put our blankets on the ground, laid out everything we had and covered that with our shelter half. It was dry and except for dust & straw on the blankets wasn’t bad. But as I suspected it was too good to last. Of course “C” Co. was the last to be inspected. I got my stuff out by about 8:30 and shortly afterward it began to rain a little. I made a sort of tent over my stuff and we waited and then waited a little longer. Finally at some time after 11:00 they got to us. By then little puddles were standing all over the shelter half & it also began to really rain. We had to uncover our stuff to have it checked. As soon as each item was checked off we put it in our bag to keep it as dry as we could so besides getting wet it all got nicely pressed too. My stuff was all O.K. except I had one too many of those little huck towels. I got my stuff in my bag as soon as possible and put my blankets in my pack, wrapped my rifle in my shelter half & took off for the barracks. I did manage to keep my rifle fairly clean but everything else was a mess. I got back at about 12:00 and shook out my stuff. I hung up my blankets & shelter half, pack & duffle bag as best I could. I hung up all the wettest stuff, & put the rest in my footlocker. My towels, underwear, etc. are all streaked & spotted with mud & my OD’s are pressless. That pack we have is quite a thing. It’s called a cargo pack & that’s what it is. It’s practically a barracks bag to go on your back but it takes 2 blankets O.K. I like it a lot better than the old haversack & pack carrier of the infantry. As you can guess by the time I got all the stuff wiped up & hung up to dry I was a bit disgruntled. I wasn’t too dry either from the knees to the ankles. To top it off, all the cooks & A.P.’s were out with us so no food. There wasn’t anything left at the P.X. either so at 1:00 I went to work. I worked with Kumins a little and since my stuff is all set I typed up the officer’s ration charges for the sgt. By then it was 3:00 so I came back for the meal which was ready. It was about time. –Roast veal, potatoes, parsnips, salad, bread, butter and pineapple. After eating I never went back to work. Kumins may not have liked it but I was all set so far as I could tell so I went to work. I shipped my rifle all the way, bolt, rear sight, everything but the trigger group and gave it a good cleaning. I really oiled it too as this damp weather can rust a rifle in no time. Also it may be a little wet in transit from here to there. I tore down my bayonet and cleaned it. Then I scrubbed my rifle sling & put it back on to dry. I got a brush & brushed the mud off my shelter half, blankets, duffel bag & pack. Then I repacked & took care of the dry stuff & got things in order again. I dubbed one pair of shoes & scrubbed another pair which I’ll dub when they dry. Now here I am. I guess maybe I’ve complained enough for one day. It’s still pouring & Camp Maxey is one vast morass of mud. The boy from Germany tells me Europe is like this all winter. All my mail today was a card from Sunfield so I think you followed my instructions. You’ll get one more letter from me here – my weekend one (if I can get time enough in the rush to write). That’s all I can say. I guess I’ve covered things pretty well so I better quit & dub my boots. So for tonight at 7:15 I’ll say so long,




A Happy Thanksgiving To Ye!

Thurs. 23 Nov. ‘44

8:40 p.m.


Dear folks,

A happy Thanksgiving to ye! I’m back once more in the day room. Last night after I finished writing to you I showered and got to bed before 10:00 I guess. I was up at the same good old time 6:15, dressed and out for reveille. After reveille I had to initial my clothing form. I fixed up my bed and went to breakfast – very poor – scrambled eggs, toast, butter, & milk. After eating I straightened up my stuff a little, shaved, and got to work. I did my report, checked the records of 3 more new men and packed away some of my stuff until noon. We didn’t eat until 12:30 today. They really put up a pretty nice meal for us. They had the tables all arranged in a sort of horseshoe and commandeered some sheets from someplace to use as tablecloths. The boys had the afternoon off so everybody sort of took it quiet & easy. The meal was pretty good for G.I. cooks – I had turkey (white meat), dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sliced tomatoes, cranberry sauce, biscuits, butter, pumpkin pie, cake & ice cream & an orange and oh yes some nuts. Altogether I thought it was pretty good. The boys had the rest of the day off but not us. I got back to work at about 1:30 and finished my packing operations, caught up all the loose ends and at about 4:00 came back to do some typing for the 1st/Sgt. I worked until 4:30 and ate – corn, peas, potatoes, bread & butter. Then I went back and finished the job. We are getting our final inspection of clothing and equipment in the morning so I went to work. I dumped my bag and repacked but I still can’t get it all in it seems. Of course a lot of the stuff will be outside when we really pack it for good. We are limited to 3 sets of cotton underwear, 3 prs. of socks in excess of what is issued & 1 extra handkerchief. I still have some extra hankies but I gave or threw away socks & underwear enough to get me under the limit. I’m not taking anything I don’t need as the less I have to fool with or drag around the better. I don’t think I’m over on anything anymore. When I finished with that I rinsed out a pair of socks, oiled up my rifle and bayonet a little, and put on my fatigues which will be “the” uniform from now on. I had to sew stripes on the shirt which took me quite awhile. Then when I had everything pretty much under control I wrapped up a book and took down to the P.X. and mailed it.

Back after a few games most of which I lost. The book I mailed is a copy of Gregg’s Shorthand which I found over in the office. It used to belong to one of the boys who left a long time ago I believe. No one claimed it so I took it. It’s not of much value but might be worthwhile some day. It may not get there too soon but only cost 4 cents so don’t worry about it. When I mailed that I came back & heah ah is. No mail since Wed. (yesterday) so I take it you followed my advice. I miscalculated as you can see but it’s still O.K. You may get one or possibly 2 more letters from me here and then there’ll be a break of I don’t know just how long. Now I better answer your Sat.-Sun. letter — Gosh, don’t let those ribs take any more of a beating than they have. It gets pretty chilly here now and it’s a lot colder up there I know too. We had a little frost around on the walk & steps the other day for the first time I believe. I sure hope Pop didn’t feel like that on Monday. I’m sending a few things along with this letter. This is a new stamp. There are 2, this & one commemorating Corregedor I believe, which I’d like to have put with my collection. Here’s my promotion order too and my driver’s license. We aren’t supposed to have any addresses on us according to what I hear & I don’t want to lose them so just hold them for me.

Well that’s about all I can say for tonight so I’ll be signing off and see you next time. So for now, so long and love,


Boiled Eggs & Beer

Mon. 20 Nov. ‘44

5:15 p.m.


Dear folks,

Well back again. We are having a big blow out again tonight so supper will be a little later than usual. I’ll write on this until time to go and eat. Last night as soon as I finished my short letter to you I got to bed at about 9:30. I didn’t go to sleep too soon as the lights were on until quite late. I was up at the usual time this morning, dressed, back in bed a few minutes, out for reveille, and then to breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, butter, corn flakes, milk and an apple. There’s supper so I’ll see you later.

Back at 10:45 from a show so I’ll wind this up and get to bed. After eating breakfast I fixed up my junk and slept until time to go to work. I got my reports out and then went to work finishing up the pay roll and checking the records of the new men we got in Sat. That took quite a bit of time. At noon I quit, took my field jacket over to the tailor shop and then went to dinner – potatoes, tomatoes, bread, butter, peanut butter and rolls. After dinner we adjourned to the P.X. for our dessert and then I got back to work. The new men were over and I processed them, fixed up all their forms and allotments and got them set. That took the better part of the afternoon. I picked up my field jacket with its stripes on and quit at 5:00. Kumins said we’d better work tonight so I wrote until supper – potatoe [sic], salad, bread, butter & pickles. I left the boiled eggs & beer for the ones who enjoy it. After eating I went over to the office & typed a list on new dog tags and since no one else had come was about to leave when Kumins came. I had everything done that he figured we would have to do so I stuck around until 8:00 and did a supplemental payroll. Then Buck & I took off for the show “Frenchman’s Creek” with Joan Fontaine & Basil Rathbone. It was in color and the photography was really good. Now here I am. I got your Thurs. letter with the picture and one from Lillis this morning and your Fri. letter this afternoon. So that about winds up today. Sunday looks like a good day. Anyway for tonight I’ll sign off and get to bed,


Love to you’uns