Calisthenics & Vollyball

Wed. Nov. 3, 1943

9:25 p.m.


Dear folks,

Here I am in the usual place but a little earlier tonight. First of all I better finish yesterday’s letter. I forgot to tell you I got my laundry yesterday. You may have wondered about it but I never thought of it until I got back to the dorm last night. Anyway I got it O.K. and everything was all right. I got to bed at about 10:45 I guess last night. I was up at 5:30 and back in bed after reveille. I slept until breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, toast, butter, jam, oatmeal, milk and an apple. After breakfast I made my bed, swept & straightened stuff up until it was time to clean up the latrine. You will have a pretty good sized laundry this time – especially socks & hankies. I’ve really run through the hankies but I’m glad to say my nose has about quit running. I have 8 clean ones to last until these get back so I may have to rinse some out Sunday. At 8 we went to Analyt. The stuff we are on now is awful. It’s not too hard but it takes so doggone long to do it. I got the problem O.K. that we did last time. At 9 we had study. I finished today’s Analyt. & started on tomorrows. At 10 we had P.T. – calisthenics & volleyball. At 11 we had Geog. I was really surprised but I got 100 on my last test. At the beginning the[re] were about 6 guys with 100 averages. I’m the last one now. My roommate is second with 99.  At 12 we ate – potatoes, beans, salad, bread, butter, milk and cake. At 1 we had Military and a lot of junk on moving a column of troops, etc, At 2 we had more P.T. – Calisthenics and volleyball (as if you couldn’t guess it). At 3 we had Physics. He tried to prove a formula but I (and some others after I started it) tripped him up and we didn’t get very far. He had a beautiful system and it got him where he wanted to go I guess only it wasn’t right. It was based on an incorrect assumption. Maybe I shouldn’t but I get a big kick in arguing him down. He’s too positive of what he does. I seldom argue unless I think I’m right and if I see I’m wrong I shut up. So far this term I’ve won every argument or shall we say discussion (so far). At 4 we came back to the dorm. I read my Chem. & started on my Problems. All I got at today’s mail call was a letter from Bernice. I guess you’re right. By the time I get around to write again I’ll have just as many people to write to. For supper I had potatoes, beets, sliced toms, bread, butter, milk, & 2 rolls. At about 6, Helle & some of us played around with the football for awhile. I suppose I should spend the time more profitably but then I like to pull out of the books once in awhile. At 7 we came here. I finished my Chem. prob. for Sat. & spent the rest of the time doing 4 Analyt. prob. I got one in 20 minutes that one of our analytical genii failed to get. He worked for over an hour & got the wrong answer & quit. I found out my Physics grade tonight so here they are. They are good now but I hate to think of what final exams will do to them – especially Hist. & Physics. I finally pulled up to an A in Physics but I imagine it’s a low one. I guess that covers it all for today. Maybe I’ll think of more after I seal this but for tonight


So long




Analytics    -A

Chemistry   -A (98)

Physics       -A

Geography  -A (100)

English        -A (199 out of 200)

History        -B (220 out of 246)

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  1. Brian Forist
    Nov 26, 2014

    Any surprise that AAF won every argument or shall we say discussion?

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