I’m On My Way

Mon. 21 Jan. ‘46



Dear folks,

Just a note tonight. I just finished packing my junk. Out of a clear sky this morning came orders for 46 and 47 points and we leave for the 29th Rep. Depot in the morning at 9:00. You can’t guess how that made me feel. I’ve been up on a cloud all day although there was so much to be done I stayed on the job anyway. With a little luck we might catch a ship by Sat. or Sun. The depots are empty now and not many have gone out there today. I don’t know if you’ll be hearing from me again from out here but probably not. We’ll be kept busy for a few hours or days out there getting processed and I hope we won’t be there long afterward. I hope to be in the U.S. by Feb. 10 or 15 and out of the army before March 1. So if you don’t hear from me for quite awhile it’s a good sign. Dig out my clothes, I’m on my way. So long temporarily, I’ll be seein’ you,


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