A Dozen Chickens

Thurs. 27 Dec. ‘45



Dear folks,

Back once more. Not too much new. We’ve been sitting here for two days now watching the convoys roll by toward the harbor. They were running all night last night. Several large ships are in and they expect to clear the boys out by Mon. Then, well that’s something else again. Maybe one of these days they’ll discover us. At this rate, all the 50’s and above ought to be gone by about Jan. 10 or 15 so then — ?

Yesterday I got Gram’s letter mailed Dec. 4 and today the one sent Dec. 17 so they are coming along again in good order. Last night we saw “First Yank in Tokyo.” I didn’t care too much for it personally although it was a fairly good story dealing with the atomic bomb. They must have made it in a hurry to get it out already. I don’t know what’s up for tonight but I may miss it anyway. Our section is having a chicken barbeque down on the beach at about 6:00. It’s probably about our last chance for a get-together. We have a dozen chickens for 12 of us so I think there should be more than enough for everyone. We have a little Portuguese who has done all the work of preparing the food. He’s down there now getting everything ready. I hope it doesn’t rain as we ought to have a pretty good time.

I’m glad you got the pictures. That must be the first ones of me and Norb here and in town. By now you should have some of the others. I have just sorted out all that I have accumulated up to now, made an envelope and got them ready to mail. They date all the way from England to Manila. Some aren’t very good but I think you’ll be interested in them. The one I’m sending in this letter was made in Gloucester in March and I think it’s pretty good. I’d been overseas 3 months then. I don’t know if I’ll look as thin in that one or not. I weigh about 155 which is close to my average. About three weeks at home and I ought to get above 160 again.

I see they expect a heavy enrollment at MSC next fall. I don’t see how they’ll ever care for 9,000 as 6,500 was a heavy load in ’42. Just so there’s room for me. I figure with my tuition & books paid plus $65 a month I ought to get by all right on this G.I. education setup. I can go for the whole 4 years as I believe it’s for 1 year plus as many years as one served.

Well I guess that’s about it for today. I haven’t done much work today. Things are sort of at a standstill and will be until after Jan. 1. So long for now,

Be seein’you,


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