And Speaking Of The Thermometer

Friday 11 Jan. ‘46



Dear folks,

About 6:30 and we are “working” tonight or at least the clerks are. We got orders on about ¾ of our men today and by the first of the week we’ll be down to practically nothing. Most of the men will be here after then but will be assigned to another outfit. That leaves just a few of us who will be assigned to the 1268th until D(deactivation) day Jan. 20. We have our eyes on some nice ratings that are open but don’t know where they’ll go yet. I’ve been promised a Staff so I’m almost sure of that and if things work right I might do even better. The next 8 days may bring a lot. At least I’ll have more than Clarence R. had to show for my time in the army when I eventually get back. I guess I’m pretty self centered or something but I’d like to come home with just a little more than the rest did around there. I don’t think anyone ever expected me to make anything and I’d like to show them they were just a little wrong. I won’t be in my uniform very long but it will have everything on it that I can legally wear when I do get home – 6 ribbons, 2 patches, service stripe, 2 overseas bars and whatever chevrons I may have. I guess I’m just a kid at heart after all.

Today it was announced points are down to 48 and length of service to 38 months as of 1 Feb. By then I’ll have 37 months so I’m next that’s one consolation. From what we hear these boys will all be on their way in about a week. The “West Point” is in the harbor and holds about 7,500 men. It’s the biggest ship the U.S. has. So now if they follow up what Eisenhower said, maybe old man Forist will be on his way before Feb. 1. Remember when I said I might make it by St. Patrick’s? Maybe I’ll do it yet. Our spirits have gone up and down like a thermometer during the last few days. And speaking of the thermometer, it goes up but seldom down. It hangs around 100 degrees too much to satisfy me. It starts at 85 degrees in the morning and works up. Last year at this time we were freezing. When we went to town I wore my long johns, a wool sweater under my shirt and my overcoat. What a change!

Today I got Gram’s Jan. 1 letter, the fastest I’ve received one in quite awhile. I see we have several lizards dashing about on the ceiling as usual. They are something like those little chameleons. One night we were down here with rubber bands and paper wads doing some hunting for them. Tonight’s movie is “Men in Her Diary” with Jon Hall. I’ve seen it already as is getting to be the usual story on most of the pictures we get. I may go anyway. Maybe they’ll have a good cartoon. It looks as if we’re in for plenty of work this next week and then perhaps we can go along again more or less at our own speed which confidentially isn’t very fast.

Well that’s about all there is to say for tonight so I’ll sign off. Oh yes, this is my new pen. I got a Shaeffer Skyline instead of the Parker. It retails for $12.50 and cost me 13 pesos ($6.50). It seems to write very well. So long ‘til next time,

Be seein’ you


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