Boiled Eggs & Beer

Mon. 20 Nov. ‘44

5:15 p.m.


Dear folks,

Well back again. We are having a big blow out again tonight so supper will be a little later than usual. I’ll write on this until time to go and eat. Last night as soon as I finished my short letter to you I got to bed at about 9:30. I didn’t go to sleep too soon as the lights were on until quite late. I was up at the usual time this morning, dressed, back in bed a few minutes, out for reveille, and then to breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, butter, corn flakes, milk and an apple. There’s supper so I’ll see you later.

Back at 10:45 from a show so I’ll wind this up and get to bed. After eating breakfast I fixed up my junk and slept until time to go to work. I got my reports out and then went to work finishing up the pay roll and checking the records of the new men we got in Sat. That took quite a bit of time. At noon I quit, took my field jacket over to the tailor shop and then went to dinner – potatoes, tomatoes, bread, butter, peanut butter and rolls. After dinner we adjourned to the P.X. for our dessert and then I got back to work. The new men were over and I processed them, fixed up all their forms and allotments and got them set. That took the better part of the afternoon. I picked up my field jacket with its stripes on and quit at 5:00. Kumins said we’d better work tonight so I wrote until supper – potatoe [sic], salad, bread, butter & pickles. I left the boiled eggs & beer for the ones who enjoy it. After eating I went over to the office & typed a list on new dog tags and since no one else had come was about to leave when Kumins came. I had everything done that he figured we would have to do so I stuck around until 8:00 and did a supplemental payroll. Then Buck & I took off for the show “Frenchman’s Creek” with Joan Fontaine & Basil Rathbone. It was in color and the photography was really good. Now here I am. I got your Thurs. letter with the picture and one from Lillis this morning and your Fri. letter this afternoon. So that about winds up today. Sunday looks like a good day. Anyway for tonight I’ll sign off and get to bed,


Love to you’uns


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