But We All Survived

Tuesday 8 Jan. ’45 [‘46]



Dear folks,

Another day gone and not too much new. Last evening we had our little supper down on the beach – barbequed chicken, turkey and ice cream. Not too good a combination but we all survived. After eating we came back and went to the movie “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” The acting was good but the story was a bit too somber for me. I like something a bit lighter. Tonight we saw “Conspirators” with Hedy Lamarr & Paul Heinreid. I’d seen it quite awhile ago in Europe I believe but it’s a pretty good spy story. Today I got Gram’s Dec. 28 letter. That’s the report.

As for the other side – things are moving rapidly. I see by the clippings that even the little demonstrations the boys put on at the Repple Depples made the headlines back there so today you are probably reading plenty about last night. The meeting came off beautifully. For once everybody is united in one cause which they take seriously. The paper says 20,000 G.I.’s were there but boys who went say it was closer to 50,000 and I don’t doubt it. All of us have a very personal reason for interest in this. They had several talks touching on what we think is wrong and drafted a resolution to have each outfit select representatives to appear before the Senate Committee. They very accommodatingly (for themselves) have been delayed for several days and if they could get away with it they’d probably skip their visit to Manila. No violence took place which was the thing that had us all worried. I think for once we may have the upper hand but it would be easily lost if an element of the men tried any rough stuff and certain brass would jump at the chance. The Associated and United Press both covered it and from what we’ve heard today they splashed it in all the papers back home. Perhaps it will cause people to realize a little bit about what’s going on. Telegrams by the thousand are going to practically every senator and congressman & even to Truman. The 1268th is sending some tomorrow I understand from funds donated by the boys. Fifteen senators have commented favorably so far. The pressure is on, there’s no doubt about it and if we can keep it on until they do a little squirming it may bring results. Public opinion at home can help a lot also. No matter who they are, they all want votes and 11,000,000 former service men can muster a majority vote in any election. Probably nothing will come of this in time to get me home any sooner but at least it may help the boys that follow us. The big question out here is why should we occupy the territory of an allied nation to whom we are giving independence? No one can satisfactorily answer it. General Styer gave a talk last night. I read it in today’s paper and to me it seemed that he hedged on practically every point. The sooner we all go home the sooner these gen’ls go back to Captains & mess sgts. They won’t admit it naturally but it’s a big factor. Why should tax payers have to pay for all this rank plus all the extra pay for thousands of men overseas unnecessarily? I get pretty wound up on all this but it’s a sore subject with all of us. We feel we are getting taken for a ride.

Well so much for all that. It’s nearly 10:30 so I believe I shall bring this to a close. We deactivate Jan. 20 and most of the men will be transferred in a couple days. The rest of us will be transferred Jan. 20 but remain here for a couple weeks on temporary duty finishing up. By then perhaps things will have changed and I can get started where I want to go. Good night all,


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