Off In A Cloud Of Dust Or Something

Sunday 20 Jan. ‘46

Manila 9:00 p.m.


Dear folks,

Back again. Well the old outfit is just a shadow of its’ old self now. There are about 50 of us left and we’ll soon be gone, or most of us at least. We have the biggest share of the work done now I hope. Yesterday we got our orders. We will be attached unassigned to 1125th Engr. C Gp. and you may as well use that address from now on. However I hope by the time you get this and I could get an answer I’ll be very near to heading home. I’ll leave it up to you as to whether you want to continue writing or not. I hope to be on my way in from 15 to 30 days but naturally I can’t tell for sure. It might be less but I can’t see how it could be much longer unless things get really messed up.

The U.S.O. troops moved in this morning so yesterday afternoon we had to move out of our headquarters building. We are set up in a corner of the Bn. warehouse now. It’s not very good but for the couple weeks we’ll be around I guess it won’t matter too much.

As things stand we break up Jan. 25 which is Fri. As of the 25th I’m transferred to 1125 Group. It’s a higher hdqs outfit and at present they are staffing the Engineer Service at Base X. So for the time I have left I’ll be working either at Base X hdqs or worse, on some sort of inspection and reclassification team. Personally I don’t care much as I’m doing just as little as I possibly can between now and the time I get that beautiful little piece of paper sending me to a Repl. Depot. We’ll stay here as long as we can but the way things are looking, it may not be for long after Friday. We could finish up here very quickly if necessary but we had intended to let things drag as long as possible.

Personally I expect something to break this week on points or service. It’s been quiet now for nearly 2 weeks and the depots are all cleared. This morning after we shipped out all our men, about 100, I spent the rest of the time moving so the U.S.O. men could have our area. We got an empty tent and found enough loose cabinets and furniture to make it quite cozy and comfortable. I hope we won’t have to move again while we’re here.

I rode into town this afternoon for the first time in quite awhile. Things around the docks were pretty quiet which also makes me think something is due to break. All they have to do is drop service 1 month and I’m off in a cloud of dust or something like that.

Today I got a Xmas card and letter from Elmo written Dec. 3. 3 cent mail takes a long time. Our mail isn’t coming very fast but then I don’t write to anyone very often so I can’t expect very much I guess.

Tonight we saw “Senorita from the West” which wasn’t too good. Last night it was “Hold That Blonde” with Eddie Bracken & Veronica Lake.

That’s about it for another time so I’ll be off. So long again,


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