I’m Impressed About Enough

Sun. 10 Dec. ‘44

8:30 p.m. by my watch, 7:30 your time


Dear folks,

One more day. I sure feel a lot better tonight. Last night I got to bed soon after I finished your letter and got about 7 hours sleep I guess. I felt much better when I got up and have increased in spirit during the day. I seem to have gotten my sea legs now and I’ve lost most of the dizzy feeling. Probably when I get off this crate and try to walk on good old “terra firma” I’ll wobble all over the place. By the time I get there I’ll probably be ready to kiss the grass of “dear old [scratched out-England]” if it were green. It looks as if I might make it in time for an [scratched out-English] Xmas, whether that’s good or bad. I sure hope we aren’t on this yet by Xmas.

Time goes pretty slowly naturally. Of course by the time you get up, take care of sleeping paraphernalia (what a word), eat and clean all the utensils the forenoon is about ½ over and I spent the other ½ of it on deck. It’s quite an impressive sight but between us I’m impressed about enough. The water changes a lot and with the sun shining becomes quite pretty at times. The weather is very good for which none of us are complaining a bit. I’ll be O.K. now unless we hit a lot of rough weather some time.

This afternoon they got generous and gave us more shots. We got our first order filled from the ship’s canteen. I got my full ration of candy, cookies and peanuts. Now I’m writing after the evening meal. For security reasons the ship is blacked out at night. I was out on deck for a few minutes and it’s really black. There’s no light at all, just blackness and slapping water.

Ahh! I feel better now. I quit a few minutes and washed up and shaved and it really freshens one up. Now I’ll start to answer your 2 letters. I have about an hour left before bed time. First your letter started Mon. 20 Nov. — I stopped you from writing a little soon as it turned out but at least I had no mail to follow me. I saw a little snow on the trip to the coast but only a small amount. I sure hope Pop’s ribs are beginning to heal up by now. I guess I won’t be playing much ping pong from here on in unless they have USO’s over there which I very much doubt. No more brass to shine. We left our blouses behind for wool sweaters which are very warm. I probably won’t have too much time to write but you know I’ll do my best. Pop was the one who said Shorty was in the Marines. Yes, I wrote to Elmo. I wrote to everybody except Thelma & Mrs. C. I’m afraid if he sends a box it may be a long time on the way as we may move pretty much for awhile. It’s good you can get your tires recapped pretty easily. The old car will be pretty near shot by the time this is all over. I figured the camera might have been more trouble than it was worth. I’ve come to the conclusion that I should never have complained about our good mess sgt.’s efforts. You bet I like those pictures. If there’s more send them along. Everyone thinks you and Dad look so young to be my parents and that’s no kidding. That must have been the letter I got from Lillis before leaving Texas. If Pop keeps at those ribs he’ll never get them healed. We’ll have to make him a utility repairman. So far I have one Xmas card – from Edna. I sent about 15 besides yours. I’m glad that pkg. got there O.K. Bart is still in U.S. I guess. Rudy is too. He didn’t make this trip with us as he was at school but I imagine he won’t be far behind. He heard from Ferd & he’s back in Finance. I’m glad for him. Are they playing carols from the tower this year? You just forget about any donations to the blood bank. You need all you have. I forgot all about that change of address card so it’s my fault but I’d have had mail the second day there if you had written when you got it. My watch is operating O.K. now and always has. Thanks for adding those stamps to my collection. I imagine my rifle could stand some erl now. Well, I’m glad the old man kept his word and sent that book on out. Your mail to me is uncensored. Olives, umh! Nate must be doing O.K. for himself. Maybe you’ll see him. You’ll be a long time without mail this time. I typed that card long before we left & that’s why I forgot it. I guess my letters haven’t been cut much yet. Yes, I can spell inflate now. I see we think along the same lines.

Well this is pretty short in answer to 28 pages but I’ve hit the high spots & what I thought I should. I have one more to answer yet. You’ll notice this is small writing but I’m trying to keep the letters from being too bulgy. So for one more day,

So long,

All my love,


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