Captain Blood

Friday 28 Nov. [Dec.] ‘45



Dear folks,

9:30 and I just got back from a movie. Tonight we saw “Captain Blood” an old one with Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland. I had never seen it before so I enjoyed it quite a bit. Last night we had a musical “Tell It to a Star” with Ruth Terry the girl from Grand Rapids. It was good for a change. No mail today. Things are evidently going to happen sort of fast in the next week or so judging by the few hints that we can get. We have a few men leaving tomorrow boys with low points and are supposed to lose just about all of them shortly. Also we are due for orders on high point men in a few days according to what Bugs was told today. Since 49 is the high I am hoping maybe, well you know what. The air craft carrier Yorktown pulled out this morning with over 4400 men on it and several other big ships are still in the harbor. According to the latest only administrative personnel and enough men to guard our remaining equipment will be left within a very few days. That means I will still be around unless we get orders for men with 45 and more points before then. The next week ought to see a lot of changes around here. Other than these vague hints nothing is new and I did practically nothing today. All afternoon I played at tennis. I was still stiff from playing ball Xmas so I thought I had better keep at it now that I have started. I have a pretty good feeling head and neck tonight if you know what I mean but not so bad as the first time I did it a week or so ago. I stay a little longer each time to try to gradually work myself into it again. I need exercise and plenty of it before I could ever do any work like I used to. Incidentally are there any good jobs open. I may want to work for a little while when I get back. I suppose I could drop back into the store but there isn’t too much money in that for the odd hours one has to work. Oh well that is still in the future but not too far I keep telling myself. Today’s paper says that all men not needed will be home by March1 so at least it’s only two more months and personally I think it will be weeks instead. Guess I am over optimistic. Well that is about all for tonight.

Be seein’ you

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