A Springtime In Manila

Sunday 30 December 1945



Dear folks,

Sunday night and another week on the way. Just came back from the nightly movie. Tonight it was “Woman in Green” a Sherlock Holmes picture which we had already seen up in the mountains a couple months ago. I haven’t done much today but that’s the way I planned it. Last night we had a stage show “A Springtime in Manila.” It was pretty good and they had some pretty good singers and band. After the show we had a movie “The Dolly Sisters” with June Haver, Betty Grable and John Payne. It was the usual type musical for them and pretty good. Not much happening the last couple days and we have taken it as easy as possible. It’s liable to get pretty busy any time as we have expected for the last two weeks. Sometimes I wonder just when the outfit will deactivate but it probably won’t be very long after the first of the year. We might possibly get out of here on points before then but you can’t tell. According to the paper men will now be returned in time for them to be in the US when they are eligible for discharge instead of holding them over here until they are eligible but it also said there were no provisions for men with less than 50 as the War Dept. has said nothing about dropping the score next month. It’s the usual run around. One of the boys went to an alumni dinner today for fellows from his school Univ. of Penn and was talking to a Lt. Col. From the IG there. He said our chances looked pretty good to him. The men now eligible will be all gone by the second week in Jan. at the latest if not before so then we’ll see what happens. Same old subject but it’s about all we talk about out here. Today I slept until about 11:00 before getting up for dinner. Then after getting out a report this afternoon I went back and slept for another couple hours. In other words I have done nothing. No mail the last two days. They were moving the APO so we will probably get quite a bit when they open up again probably tomorrow. That’s about all there is to say for today. These letters aren’t much lately but there is nothing worth mentioning happening.

Be seein’you,

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