Where Do We Go From Here

Wed. 28 Nov. ‘45



Dear folks,

Wednesday night at about 6:45. I think I shall go to a movie in a little while so I shall write this first. Not much new today. No mail today except for a few packages but I didn’t see anything of mine yet. Last night we went to a show down the road at another area but they had a Philippine stage show of some sort which was pretty corny so we left and came back here to our own movie. We saw “Where do we go From Here” with Fred MacMurray, June Haver, and Joan Leslie. Tonight they are having Patrick the Great which we have seen so Miller and I are going up to the other outfit to see what they are showing.

I haven’t done much work today as usual. I am getting so I do just as little as I possibly can and still get away with. The personnel sgt gets just a little disgusted with me but he already knows how I feel about things. I figure I have done enough already to last out the three or four more months that I have left.

This afternoon I went over to the hospital again to see how the X-rays came out on my wrist. They were just the same as the ones in England in April. The doctor a Lt Col looked the situation over and didn’t think he should try anything. As near as I can tell he didn’t want to mess with it. He said unless the pain got so it caused a lot of trouble that he wouldn’t recommend any operation on it. He said about all they could try was to cut a little of the bone away. It must be a rather tough job because he didn’t seem at all interested about doing it. He said the best thing to do was to leave it as it is but to be sure it goes on my discharge when I get out so I will have something to show should the need arise sometime. I talked with the Capt here when I came back and he said the same thing. He figured that they just don’t want to fool with it. I put the statement from the Dr in the back of my service record and I know enough about discharges so that I won’t sign mine unless it is fixed up to show what it should. The fact that I have had this job is worth something at least in that I know what the score is on a few of these things. So as before I guess I am stuck with a bad wrist. I guess I should have stayed in England when I had the chance. Oh well. I’ll be home before too long I hope and maybe I won’t have to do any heavy work with it.

We have our work fairly well in had now so unless something unexpected comes up we should be able to take things easy for a few days. There isn’t much else to say for things tonight so I think I shall call this enough and get ready to go to the show. Be seein’ you next time,


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  1. aaftwo
    Sep 14, 2015

    We have to get this soldier home.

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