From Grandpa’s Desk

Grandpa's DeskThese letters are being transcribed, quite literally, “from Grandpa’s Desk.” They are the letters home by Arlington A. Forist to his parents, Alexander and Trevadaun Forist, written during his service in the United States Army, from his first day of service in January, 1943, until his discharge on February 21, 1946. I first saw the letters when helping to clear out his parent’s home at 1010 Beech St., Lansing. At the time, they were in plastic bags, stored in a turquoise wicker laundry hamper. Ever since, I have wanted to read and share the letters. They represent the three genres of book I most enjoy – history, travel, and memoir. I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as I am. Grandpa was quite a storyteller, and he had quite a story to tell.

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