Not Getting Very Far Very Fast

Wed. 16 Jan. ‘46

Manila 8:45 p.m.


Dear folks,

Just got back from our nightly movie so I’ll write a line and get to bed. The picture tonight was another rather old one, “Captain Kidd.” It was a pretty good one and I hadn’t seen it before.

This morning I got on the ball and was up at 15 to 7:00 for breakfast. I even swept out the tent. I’d been sleeping mornings until about 15 to 8:00 but I decided it was time I turned over a new leaf. Breakfasts around here haven’t been worth the trouble going after but this morning the eggs were actually warm.

Things weren’t too busy this morning but this afternoon it popped again. About 80 more men are on orders so I was busy all afternoon and from supper until show time working on records. I still have plenty to do in the morning. One consolation, it can’t last forever. By this time next week it ought to be all over and we can settle down to the routine of deactivation. There shouldn’t be too much to do except turn in our files, destroy what’s not worth keeping, and take care of all the miscellaneous correspondence that may come in. We can also sweat out the points at the same time.

Big news today – all men with 45 points and/or 2 ½ years service will be out by April 30. So in another 3 ½ months I’m sure to be out. This gets worse as we go along. Still I feel pretty sure I’ll be on my way within a month. If they drop to 2 ½ years service they’ll send out the men with the most service first. The men with 38 months are gone so my 36 ½ puts me pretty close to the top. I’m near the top on both points and service but not getting very far very fast. If they hadn’t slowed down demobilization I’d be gone now. The boys we sent to the Depot Sunday are nearly all gone. The boys from the east coast and as far west as Mich. caught the West Point which is taking about 7,500 men to New York via Panama.

I believe I’d prefer to go straight myself. I dread that train ride across county but I really will enjoy it I’m thinking after all this.

It’s been terribly hot all day but this afternoon it rained a little. It looks as if I’ll go for 2 years before I see another winter and I miss the snow and cold weather. This all one season stuff isn’t for me.

Today I got a letter back that I wrote to Ferd in Nov. marked “Returned to U.S. – no forwarding address,” so I guess he made it all right finally.

Well that’s about all for tonight so I’ll head for bed.

Be seein’ you


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