We Have the Same Nose Rubber

Monday Sept. 20, 1943

6:30 p.m.


Dear people,

Hi. Another week started. After I finished your letter last night I worked on Analyt. until 9:30. I got through 16 prob. in that time. It takes a lot of puzzling to figure some of those babies out. I was up at 5:30 and dressed and out for reveille at 5:45. When we came in I went back to bed until breakfast at 6:30. I had scrambled eggs, toast, butter, Farina, 2 bottles of milk and an orange. That old man and woman who used to boss the mess hall were kicked out while we were home and now we get more food and more variety. After breakfast I made my bed and swept and then cleaned the hall and stairs. Just one more morning and we’re through as latrine orderlies for about 3 months I hope. I must be about due to draw C.Q. again pretty soon too. At 8 we went to Analyt. He gave us 6 problems to do on a test in 20 minutes. He says he always figures to give more than anyone can do. Then he sees just how far we each go comparatively. I got 3 ½ done out of the 6 and that’s as far as anyone got I guess. I’d really been stumped if I hadn’t done them last night and figured out the processes. It’s now 7:10 and I’m in study hall. After Analytics we went to Chem. lab from 8 to 11:30. First we got our equipment and then we started. We work individually except on difficult experiments the same as at M.S.C. We were divided according to previous lab work so I was put in the college chem. group. We had 3 experiments to do but none of us got more than 2 done. The first was cutting glass rods and making tubes, plugs, and stirring rods. It was hard but took quite awhile and I always was awfully slow in lab. I got that done O.K. but I broke a couple of the pieces later in the hour. You see we get the glass pipe or tubing and make our own pieces [sketches] etc. The 2nd experiment was on finding how much copper combines with oxygen. Two of us worked together on that -Helle and myself. We just barely finished by 11:30. Our answer wasn’t too accurate but I guess it was close enough. Our apparatus roughly: [sketch of experiment].

At 12 we had dinner – stew, potatoe [sp.!] salad, salad, beans, bread, butter, milk, and peach cobbler. At 1 we had military and a lecture on gas masks. Tomorrow we have gas mask drill during our drill period. I tried mine on for the first time this noon. It didn’t work right but tonight I tried it again and finally got it so the air will expel through the front. As it was the air wasn’t going out except around the edges and in a couple of minutes it got pretty hard to breathe. It isn’t half bad now. I got it adjusted so it fits me. At 2 we came back and had P.T. and spent the hour playing volleyball. At 3 we had physics lecture. I’m sure not getting much out of physics so far but I guess I’ll get into it once I start to studying it. At 4 we were issued another blanket so there’ll be more fuss on the floor. It’s a new gray one. I’ve been using my O.D. blanket nights. We came back to the barracks and I sewed a patch on my shirt, fooled around with my gas mask, shaved, studied some Analyt, and read your Thurs. and Fri. letters before supper at 5:45. I had steak, potatoes, gravy, carrots, salad, bread, butter, milk, and cake. After supper I rounded up my books and then wrote on this until time to come over to study. I have enough to do to keep me busy until 11:30 but I don’t know how long my ambition will last. Now to your letters. I’ll write until 8 or until I run out of paper whichever is first as this is the only sheet with me. Thurs. Sept. 16 – Well canned spaghet. I wonder if it’s old stock or new. Gee don’t go around thinking about being drafted or whatever it is all the time. It’s nothing to worry about like that. Of course I know it’s easy to tell someone else what to do & not to do but don’t let it get you down. Maybe my feelings are a little dulled due to the fact I’ve been drafted. Remember that “Good-by dear, I’ll be back in a year” stuff. I wonder whatever happened to that. I have another piece of that eraser yet but you can stick it in sometime. You aren’t going to be drafted out of your home so forget it and get something else to think about. You have that slip I gave you which shows how much insurance I have. We still have 6 hrs. P.T. but it’s in 1 hr. periods. Actually we don’t get as much because we used to get 80 min. out of 2 hrs. now we get 30 out of 1 hr. I’ll come home if I stay here for another term. I’d forget the $100 bond too if I were you. I’ll leave the birthday up to you. You can postpone it until later or when I’m home if you want.  I’d enjoy anything a lot more at home that I would with you there & me here but don’t go way out for anything. C. I’ll leave to you. Say what about Oct. 19. I’d like some suggestions too. There’s not much I could use here. I don’t need the buckle I guess. A radio is nice but they’re next to impossible to get and shipping them is a problem and I’m only in my room about 3 hrs. when I could listen. The price is about double now too. Well that’s Thurs. Fri. Sept. 17 – For gosh sakes quit worrying about me being over worked as I am not letting it worry me. C’s are still passing and I don’t have to do much work to get C’s so just quit worrying. I’m not working myself into the ground for anything or anybody. I intend to get through with good grades but I’m not going to worry if it drops a little below A. I don’t hurry to eat. We usually find a hole in the line. It’s not so long now as they stagger the eating times. I’m not sick. I just decided I’d rather sleep than go over to breakfast. I didn’t catch a cold. We have the same nose rubber. He’s a good teacher too. There are quite a few civilians – mostly girls (about 4 to 1) and a few 4-F’s and kids under 18 and some advanced engineers. Do you want me to have a nervous collapse so I can get a discharge? I don’t want one that bad. Oh, no. I’ll stay just as good as I am if I can. I’ll send my wash every week unless I say differently. Now quit worrying about so many things. I hear we may start wearing O.D.’s Oct. 1. I’ll still were [wear] suntan shirts with my blouse weekends. That’s your letters and its 8:15 so I’ve got to quit. Latest hot rumor – no furlough Dec. 5. We get a week from the Wed. before Xmas to Wed. after. Nice if it’s true but you know these rumors. Well good night.




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