We Can’t Sing as a Group

Thurs. Jan. 6, 1944

6:05 p.m.


Dear folks,

Well a year ago today I went on my first train ride out of Michigan and ended up in cold old Wisconsin. I’m beginning to wonder how long it will be before I’ll be moving again. If I can better myself I want to get out of here and most any school north of here ought to be better. We have another big deal on the fire now. I presume it’s the Major’s idea. First – the companies are being reformed. Instead of 4 there will be just 2, A and B. Unfortunately we will be in B. Co. and we have to move over to Razorback Hall probably Saturday. That is semi-official. Second – a new Sat. schedule – Study from 1 to 3, orientation to tell us why we are here 2 to 3 and inspection at 4. That gives us 5 study hours on Sat. when we don’t really need it. I don’t know when they expect us to prepare for inspection. The only good thing is it appears we get all of Friday evening off but we won’t get loose Sat. until nearly 5:00. Everybody was happy but I guess some people always want to impress people by changing things and showing their power. Razorback isn’t bad but it means losing our small rooms & soft easy to make beds. They have 5 men to a room over there. That makes a crowd too. The officers in B Company aren’t so good either. The more I see of this place since the honorable major got here the less I like it. In a couple weeks we’ll be full time soldiers along with the double time students we already are. I don’t want to sound discouraging, but I think the A.S.T.P. is about on the rocks. The fellows that are left now are practically all serious about & trying hard but nobody is a superman. Well, I’ve rambled long enough and haven’t said anything but I still think, I hope either me or the Major goes to a different school in March. Time off for supper –

Back at 7:00. Now to my regular lineup of stuff and things. I studied history until 8:00. Then we went over to the field house. We heard a couple long winded announcements and then saw a training film on military instruction. It lasted until 9:45 so you see what happened to our study time. I came back here and went to work on History and crammed until about 11:35 I guess. Then I studied Military until 12 and went to bed. I was up at 6:15. After reveille we swept out and I slept until we fell out for breakfast. I had oatmeal, toast, butter, milk and a banana. From there we went to Calculus. We get a test in that on Mon. and it will cover quite a bit of ground. At 9 we had drawing. I finished my plate on time by 11:00. It didn’t look too bad except it was pretty soiled in spots. Then we had to study some stuff and we have outside work to do for Tues. At 12 we came back here and I studied Military until we went to dinner. I had chili, corn, beets, salad, bread, butter, milk, and cake. At 1 we had study and I put it on Military. At 2 we had Physics lecture. We get a big test in that next Thurs. At 3 we had our History test. It was a pretty good test. It took me the whole hour to do it but unless he’s a pretty tough grader I think I did pretty well. I felt as if I knew what I was talking about on it all. At 4 we had P.T. We played volleyball awhile and then had to run the 100 yds. piggy-back. I carried Ferd in 23 sec. He made it with me in 26. I don’t know if I’m too big for him or not. I’m quite a bit taller but I’m actually lighter. After that I got our mail and passed it out. I got your Mon. letter. At 5 we had Military. The test was the easiest I’ve had so far here in Military and I think I got above 90 but then I may be wrong. I felt pretty sure of most of the answers though. Then I came back and wrote until supper. I had potatoes, carrots, salad, bread, butter, milk, and raisin pie. And here I am. I have a Geography test to study for tonight and a 300 word essay to write. Oh what a life but I shouldn’t complain. These poor civilian students are carrying a whole 18 hours of classes and here I only have 24.

Now to your Mon. letter I got today. I don’t get much help. If I get stuck about all we can do is pool our brain power on the problem. I’m getting by in drawing O.K. and I guess that’s what counts. I’m far from the worst that’s a cinch. If I can get to a school up near there I hope they do ship us out of here. Otherwise no. I want to end 1944 and all the rest in the US.A. if I can. Of course I have no control over it but you know how I feel anyway. This setup is one man’s idea but he’s the commandant so what he says goes. We have to get haircuts on our free time nights before 8 o’clock. We can’t sing as a group. I am never out that late on Sat. night unless I go to the 11:00 show. Then I’m back by 1:00. I can’t see how I could go to bed at 12 & 1 and get up at 10:15 when I was in school & still feel alive. I guess I relaxed more there between times though.  I’m not pitying the married men. I didn’t report the glasses. It might cause more than its worth. Look Mom, I can see you sort of resent Betty’s writing to me & I know why but so far as I’m concerned you have nothing to worry about & I think you know it. To my knowledge she has never mentioned her sister. I imagine Aunt Marie will worry but you are right. What can she do? I had the cakes on New Years all right and just about everything is gone. Well that finishes your letter & today so I’ll sign off at 7:45.




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