Watching The Scenery


Mon. 18 Dec. ‘44

Somewhere at sea


Dear Mom,

I just finished an Air mail letter to you but I’m sending this on the chance it might be faster. You’ve got a flock of letters on the way to you. We’ve had a long but pretty good trip so far. Except for a couple days it’s been quite smooth. I’ve never been “really” seasick although I got pretty close to it a couple times. We’ve had a few movies and some programs on board to pass the time. A few details from time to time also accomplished the same thing. Sleeping in a hammock was something new for me. I’ve spent a lot of time on deck watching the “scenery.” We mess twice a day but these people don’t know how to cook. I’m hoping we have our own cooks for Xmas dinner. I got your long letter and your Mon. Dec. 4 letter after I got on the boat. I’m all O.K. and you had better be too,

Love to you all


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