To Father on Mother’s Day

Monday May 3, 1943



Hi pop,

It’s about time I wrote you a couple lines I guess after all the swell letters you have been writing to me lately. Your letters get better each time. Oh I get a little laugh now and then out of parts but it’s you as I know you and it seems as it should be. I’ve been answering your letters each time when I wrote to Mom and the family as a whole. I imagine Mom reads them to you. I don’t care whether she reads them to the whole family or not. That’s up to her to do whatever she thinks best. They are for her and you. See. I just finished eating supper. We had spaghetti, string beans, salad, raisin bread, butter, and lots of jello. There isn’t a lot doing tonight so I am having plenty of time to do some writing. I just got to kiddin’ a guy out in Vallejo and then I find out he’s a lieutenant but he still sounds like he’s not so cocky. He still sounds friendly. Some officers are O.K., others think that just because they have some bars they are almighty. He just called again and sounds pretty friendly. Maybe I can work up to something someday. I went to a show on the way back to the battery from work last night so it was about 3:30 when I got to bed. How’s your cold? I didn’t get any mail from Mom this noon so maybe I’ll find a letter tonight when I get back. Boy you must really be having labor troubles there all right. I have received hints in recent letters that you might change your job and location. Keep me informed so I’ll know where I live. I want to know where I am. If you mean what I think you mean, you are going to have to hunt up a mail box to take care of the volumes of mail I send. I sent out a package to you today so you’ll be getting quite a bit of mail in a few days. Keep writing.




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