This Table Will Be The Ruin Of Me Yet

Sat. 28 Oct. ‘44

9:25 p.m.


Dear folks,

I’m in the day room tonight writing this between games of ping pong. This table will be the ruin of me yet. Back again at 10:50 after playing a few more games. I get beaten by just about everybody around here. It’s later than I thought so I think I’ll quit and maybe get to bed in decent time for a change. I got your Wed. letter on schedule today.

Sun. 29 Oct. ’44 — 12:15 noon. Well, I’ll start again. Fri. night I got to bed as soon as I finished my letter. I was up, dressed, & out for breakfast after reveille as usual – corn flakes, toast, jam & milk. After eating I got my dirty clothes together to send to the laundry and then shaved before going to work. I managed to get in a couple games before 8:00. I did my report and spent most of the day typing stuff. I didn’t get too much done as I wasn’t very ambitious. We quit at noon and I spent the noon hour playing. I didn’t miss anything for dinner except the good old pork they throw out. Breakfast is getting to be my best meal. They can’t do much to the milk & boxed cereal. At 1:00 I went back and we fixed a few allotments, made a new list for Good Conduct Ribbons & also men who are eligible to wear overseas service bars. We quit at about 4:00 and I got a haircut before I came back for supper – spaghetti, wax beans, bread, butter & cinnamon roll. After eating I changed to fatigues and took my stationery over to the day room to write. I didn’t get much written as I got involved in several games. I just about broke even. Finally I quit that and then got into a dart game with Buck. It was a little after 12:00 I guess when we quit and went to bed. I intended to eat breakfast this morning but when I woke up it was after 9:00 so I went back to sleep and got up at about 11:30. For dinner we had steak, wax beans, beets, biscuit, butter and cake. Now here I am. No mail. It’s a beautiful day out. Practically everybody is in camp today. You can tell it’s the end of the month. I think I’ll get dressed and take off in a little while. No mail today so I’ll get to the back letters. I found that Tues. Oct. 10 letter stuck in between some others so I’ll get it first. We don’t keep our blouses. They have a new type – short, tight-fitting blouse that comes just to the waist. I guess I don’t get mad just a little perturbed at times. I meant Buchman was a little aloof. He isn’t “one of the boys” who goes out and has a big time with the gang. If regular mail goes as fast its lots better as you can write more. I think Oct. 14 was much nicer this year than last year. At least I was on my way home. Now Tues. Oct. 24 – Do you mean you caught that kind of feet from me. I was afraid it might happen. If we could get beans here like you fix I wouldn’t mind them at all. I would sure like to see another postponement of things. A group goes out on furlough Tues. & comes back the 15. As it stands we leave the 20th. I’m about 10th in the next eligible group so a 2 or 3 weeks delay would do the trick. I meant I thought maybe you’d think that.

Wed. Oct. 24 – Yeh, it was too short a time home but it was swell while it lasted. Looks like the rumors about closing down the Camp went haywire all right. Something will turn up to solve your housing problem I think before the 6 mos. are up. Well that’s all the back letters. It’s about 1:30 now so I think I’ll sign off for awhile and go shave.

Back at 10:10 p.m. I quit and Buck and I went over and played some ping pong and darts until supper at 4:00. Buchman trimmed me today too. Everybody seems to be doing it now. I had some bread, butter, cheese & pickles for supper and skipped the rest. After eating we got into a game or two of horseshoes but got beat at that too. Then I showered, shaved, dressed and Buck & I went into town. We got some ice cream, went to a show, got a couple sandwiches and came back. We saw Abbott & Costello in “In Society.” It wasn’t bad but a bit silly in spots. So that’s today. It’s time for lights out so I think I shall sign off and get another good night’s sleep. My ass’t got back from pass today so he’ll be back on the job in the morning. So for tonight,

So long,



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