The Proverbial Chicken

Wed. 12 Dec. ‘45

Manila 3:00 p.m.


Dear folks,

We’ve been bustling around like the proverbial “chicken” today but right now there has developed a lull so I’ll get a letter out before something comes up. Everything seems quite confused and pretty much up in the air. Latest dope says we may break up Sat. or thereabouts. That’s pretty short notice and makes a lot of work for us if it does happen. We’ve been making rosters and reports of every description all day so it’s pretty definite something is in the wind. We ought to know within a day or so. It sort of upsets a few plans some of us had but so what I guess is the proper expression. I’ve been working on a certain officer all day but he’s leaving tomorrow for home so he can’t do me too much good.

If we do break up, our section will probably remain behind to take care of administrative details and I hope by then we’ll be eligible to head for home. That would be the ideal situation.

Other than all this there’s nothing else happening but I guess that is just about enough. It has been raining nearly all day – rather unusual lately. We have a movie for tonight but if it keeps raining I guess I’ll be missing it. I believe I’ve seen it but I probably will go again if weather permits.

Here’s a group picture of Voth, Miller & myself taken last week and also a rather “different” Xmas card I thought you might enjoy. [picture is not with letter, card is a local village scene by Louis Sylvia, printed by 955th Engr. Topo. Co. Avn.]

That’s about all there is to say for now and I’d better get back to work so I’ll be on my way,

Be seein’you


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