The Outfit Will Crack Pretty Soon

Mon. 3 Dec. ‘45



Dear folks,

Mon. morning and time I wrote a letter. Things are rather confused right now, in fact I don’t exactly know where I do stand. Yesterday morning I slept until about 10:30 I guess. We eat at 11:00 so I got out and went to dinner which except for the ice cream wasn’t so good. I spent the afternoon straightening up my stuff a little. I am getting less all the time now. We turned in our O.D.’s and field jackets and our shelter halves last week. That leaves just about nothing but the clothes that we are wearing all the time. It’s the lightest we’ve been.

Then yesterday afternoon when the mail clerk brings in the distribution, what do I find but the orders transferring me to Headquarters Detachment AFWESPAC (Army Forces Western Pacific). I supposed after going up there Sat. it was all settled but Base X went ahead and cut the orders on their own. So it may possibly leave me stuck. I don’t know yet. The personnel officer went up this morning to get them rescinded but whether he can do it I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy for not taking it but I sort of think I’m at least just as well off as I’d be there and probably better. If he doesn’t get it stopped I’ll leave sometime tomorrow. The place is downtown in Manila. It’s a higher hq. about the same as an Army Hq. I believe. I’d be doing classification work up there. That’s how they got me, by my MOS. Actually I don’t do any of that work here. I’m just holding that rating but I know enough about it to get by O.K. If I do go I’m going to pick up some points in the shuffle if it’s at all possible. I think I can do it pretty easily. For that reason maybe I’m crazy for objecting to the transfer but the outfit will crack pretty soon and I should end up in the same place anyway.

Other than all of this there isn’t much new. Yesterday I got Gram’s letter she wrote Thanksgiving so the speed is holding up. Last night we had a movie here “Beautiful Cheat” with Noah Berry Jr. & Bonita Granville which was quite different for a change and pretty good. I don’t know yet what’s up for tonight but we are supposed to have one every night.

Things aren’t bustling too much today but there’s plenty to do. Miller took off on an all day deep sea fishing trip this morning. I don’t think I’d be interested in that. I find I have some more “junk” to send along home when I get something to put it in.

I have a pocketful of pesos that I’ve collected for the club so I’m going to have to see how I’m coming on that. I’ve taken in about $500 so far.

That’s about all there is to say for now so I’ll sign off until next time and get a few little jobs here taken care of, be seein’ you


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