The One I Least Expected

Wednesday June 2, 1943

6:45 p.m.


Dear folks,

No mail from you today so this will be a little shorter. After I finished writing to you last night I wrote letters to Aunty, Lillis, and a card to Aunt Edna. Then I polished a pair of shoes and took a shower. I got to bed at about 10 I guess. The captain and the 1st/sgt. came around at 10:30 and made a bed check but we were all in so it was O.K. I got up at about 6:15 and dressed, made my bed and swept under it. They called roll this morning before breakfast to see if anyone was gone. One fellow was AWOL for 3 days before they missed him. We marched to breakfast. It was oatmeal, milk, tomato juice, roll, and a couple of eggs so soft boiled I didn’t care for them. We got back here in time for 8 o’clock formation. We heard announcements and then waited around until about 8:30. Then we marched to the drill field and drilled for over an hour. After that we had about an hour of tough calisthenics. We marched back, changed to O.D.’s and marched to dinner. I had potatoes, jello, ripe cherries, milk, whole wheat, and butter. I didn’t care for the sauerkraut and wieners so I skipped them as I passed along the counter. After dinner I got my mail. It was a letter from Corporal Miller. Yes old Hughie is now a corporal and he’s pretty proud of it. I’m glad for him too because next to myself I’d rather see him get it than anyone I can think of. I had a little time at noon so I started a letter to him and wrote until the whistle blew. At 10 o’clock we went to class. First we went to math. We had some woman instructor who started right at the beginning of things and rambled on for the hour. She covered a lot of stuff I suppose I should read but I probably won’t. She gave us an assignment of about 8 problems. I did part of them in class and the rest since then so I’m through with that. Then we went to physics and the fellow spent the hour on mirrors and images. I recalled a lot of things I thought I had forgotten. He said we might look it over in the book if we had time. Then I went to chemistry. The fellow spent the hour on questions on chapters he had assigned for today. I wasn’t there yesterday so I hadn’t read it but I answered everything he asked anyway. He suggested we read a couple chapters for tomorrow. None of the instructors seem to take much of an interest. At 4 I came back here and left my books. I had an Eskimo pie and chocolate milk, At 4:30 we fell out and marched to retreat. From there we went on to supper. It was roast beef, potatoes, gravy, beets, sliced tomatoes, cake, raisin and white bread, butter, and 2 bottles of milk. After supper I came back and finished my letter to Hugh and then started this to you so here I am. I have to shave and take a shower yet. I think I’ll go out on the campus for awhile.

Now hang on to your hats. The lieutenant from Hdqs. came into class today and read a list including me and it is a shipping list to go to the University of Arkansas. Of all the places to go that’s the one I least expected. According to him, strictly off the record, we leave tomorrow or next day. He said we might not have classes tomorrow so I may not bother to read the stuff. I know enough to get by for a day or so. I am not crazy about the idea of going there but there’s nothing I can do about it. It has one advantage. I will be much nearer home and can probably get home on my 7 day leave which we are supposed to get every 3 months. I only have to cross Missouri and Illinois to get to Michigan. Just where in Arkansas it is I don’t know but I hope it’s the northeast corner. Anyway that’s the story. My mail will get into an awful mess. I suggest you stop writing here but keep track of the last letter you send in any event so I’ll know when I have them all. I may not have a chance to mail letters from the train so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear anything for a few days. The trip will probably take close to 3 days. It’s nearly as far as from McCoy out here I believe. I’ll have to get a map to see just what the situation is. I had hoped for Ohio State but I’m doggone glad to get off this coast. There are a lot of newspaper headlines around here that I don’t like. If the Japs do decide to start something here I want to be far, far away.

Back at 8:45 and eating a pint of chocolate ice cream. Last night I had a pint of vanilla and raspberry. I shaved, cleaned my teeth and washed and then took off for an hour or so. I and another guy walked around on the campus and went over to the museum. It was closed but we found a bone, a rib, about 10 feet long out in back. Must be from a dinosaur. This leaf is from a pepper tree. It’s where those little black pickling peppers come from It’s now 8:55 and I guess I’ve covered the day.

All I know for sure is that I am supposed to go to Arkansas in a day or so. I’ll keep you posted as I go along. That’s the best I can do. If the mail stops for a few days don’t worry. My mail is apt to get into an awful mess from here so you better hold it until I get landed. For tonight then so long.




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