The Guerrilla Posts Are Gone

Mon. 22 Oct. ‘45



Dear folks,

Not much to write about tonight. Yesterday afternoon a few of us got a jeep and went up to our waterfall for a bath, probably the last time up there. Now that it hasn’t rained for a couple weeks you’d hardly recognize it as the same road up there. All the guerrilla posts are gone and things have been restored to their normal appearance except for an occasional Bailey bridge which will always mark the path of the Engrs. Last night there were 3 letters, I believe, for the whole company. The mail got in early today. There was plenty of it but I got but one letter – Gram’s of Oct. 11. Ten days seems to be just about the average speed nowadays.

I’ve been pretty busy today. The boss got back from Manila last night. We had to have another copy of all the pay vouchers so I’ve worked all day typing them and have just about finished. Tomorrow we’ll probably pack and load our vehicles so we can take off Wed. morning. B Co. left this morning. They must have been up at 3:00 for we got no sleep after that. How one Co. can make that much noise beats me.

We have a movie tonight – “George White’s Scandals.” I saw it back in Angeles when we first got here I believe but I’m not sure. It’s a pretty fair picture any way so I guess I’ll enjoy it even if it is the second time. Between now and then I think I’ll try and catch a little sleep as my head has been giving me a bit of a bad time today. I understand we may have a pretty fair setup in Manila but I’ll know better by Thurs. or Fri.

There’s not much else to say now so I’ll be calling this to a halt. So long again,


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