The Boats Have Been Passing All Day

Thurs. 29 Nov. ‘45

Manila, Luzon


Dear folks,

Two forty-five and nothing doing so I’ll write a letter. Thought I’d try some lined paper for a change. No new developments today. Last night we went to a movie and show at another outfit down the road. It wasn’t bad. They had some Philippino acrobats and musicians that were pretty good. After we got there we found that we’d already seen the picture “George White’s Scandals” but we stayed anyway. We got back a little after 11:00. I think I’ll skip the movie one of these nights and catch some as I feel awfully sleepy mornings. We have breakfast from 5:30 to 7:00 so I’m usually up at 6:45 and over to eat. Then I sleep until 8:00 before I go to work.

No mail so far today and not too much to do. Tomorrow should be pay day. We had ice cream today with apple pie and I got a little extra hungry and went through twice. The meals vary a lot. Some are real good others not worth mentioning.

I am sending along an article I found in a magazine about Manila. It is slightly exaggerated but some of it is quite accurate and I thought it might be interesting. [The article, from Esquire, Oct.’45, is titled “Renaissance in Manila.” On the back is the beginning of a story “This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise,” by J.D. Salinger.]

According to today’s paper all 55 pointers should be on their way by Dec. 31 at the present rate of shipping. It has really speeded up now. I haven’t been down by the docks lately but I understand there are a lot more ships than before. There is a replacement depot near here and long convoys of men going out there to be processed and headed in the opposite direction for the boats have been passing all day. Even late last night they were going past. That’s what I like to see. The faster they leave the better our chances become. Maybe we’ll make it before summer yet.

Well there’s not much else to say so I may as well sign off for today. So long for now,


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