Something I Ate

Tues. June 13, 1944

7:00 p.m.


Dear folks,

Back again for awhile. Last night I got to bed as soon as I finished your letter. I was up as usual this morning, dressed and fell out for reveille. Then I made my bed and went to breakfast. I didn’t feel so hot this morning and I’ve felt a little grumpy all day. I’m not sick but my stomach was a bit out of sorts this morning. I ate corn flakes, milk and an orange and came back and swept and mopped. I went to work at the usual time and got at it. I did my morning report and tied into the pay roll and finished it before dinner time. I emptied out a couple times during the morning but I decided I better be a bit careful so I didn’t eat much dinner. I’d like to get away from this food for awhile and get some light, cool, refreshing stuff that I like, like we had at home. It’s hot here and the food makes you hotter. For dinner I ate bread, butter, jam, a few potatoes, salad, and jell roll. After dinner I lay down for about 45 min. and almost slept except the flies wouldn’t let me. At 12 I went back to work. The Sgt. checked my payroll and then I did the finishing touches and got it ready to sign. Then I did some typing until about 3:45. We had to quit and go over to the motor pool and spend from 4:00 to 4:45 doing “after operation maintenance” on our vehicles. It’s a crazy setup but I guess we’ll be doing it from now on every night. It’s a bit out of my line. At 4:45 we came back and I showered during retreat. For supper I had potatoes, salad, bread, butter and cake. After eating I got the payroll signed by the boys and then got some suntans back from the P.X. Now here I am. That’s today. I think I’ll get to bed early tonight and get my sleep. Maybe I’ll feel more in shape tomorrow. My stomach feels pretty good again now. I guess it was something I ate. Several had it pretty bad so I was lucky. I didn’t get any mail today so now to your Fri. June 9 letter — I hope my mail has caught up again by now. I’d like to be on my way there but who knows. It’s sure hot enough here for anybody. You could get Pop to stretch those curtains for you. I haven’t had too much to say about the invasion yet. I’m waiting for developments. They must have taken Nate out of the hospital. He used to be a hosp. attendant. Gee, don’t work so steady to get your chest to bothering you so much. I’m willing to sign a contract as table-setter if you can fix it up for me. Julius might be able to get what he wants. He knows how to get things for himself. George probably misses his wife plenty. Well that hits most of the points in your letter so I’ll bring this to a close. I hope my letters are up to you now. Don’t get excited about me as I’m not sick.

Be seein’ you


Shon [??]

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