Something He “Et”

Monday 12 Nov. ‘45



Dear folks,

Well it’s about 4:00 in the afternoon and for a change things are a bit quiet so I shall write a letter. Today started out a bit busy but has got better as it progressed. The boss was sick last night and spent the forenoon in bed. I guess it must have been something he “et.” With only one of us down here naturally it made a little extra work for me to do but I get along pretty well now. He came in this afternoon for awhile but had to give up and go back to the tent. He isn’t feeling too good on the whole. I seem to have picked up a slight head cold someplace which hasn’t made me too happy about things but it’s nothing serious.

I have the payrolls all set to get out so if the officer gets back in time to sign them I’ll run them down to the finance office yet this afternoon. By the looks of things now they’ll wait until morning. We are getting in a lot of new men today. Some of them in fact most of them have from 5 to 9 points. That is definitely not good. Of course they may not be permanently assigned to us but if they are it will really drag down our unit average. It was about 43 but this would haul it down into the 30’s someplace. I hear units may be regarded as such when it comes to ASR scores from now on. The squad of men and officer who got into the scrape with the Japs up in the hills got a battle star out of it and the 5 points that go with it. They put in a request for them first and then as an after thought they applied for the Bn as a whole. The fact that they got it may put aside any chances we had of getting it. They should have applied for all of us right at first. If any part of a unit engages the enemy the whole outfit is entitled to credit. But somebody is always messing things up. Maybe 5 points wouldn’t make any difference but I’d like to have them just in case. No mail today again. I imagine there will be a movie again tonight as there is one very night lately. We saw a good one last night so we will get a few not so good ones for awhile probably if it runs true to form. That’s about all there is to say for things today. It has been pretty hot but is getting a little cloudy and may rain now. I’ll call this enough for today and get back to work, so long again,


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