So For Tonight, Roger

Friday Nov. 26, 1943

8:40 p.m.


Dear folks,

Well here it is free time on Fri. night. I’m going to write this and then shave and clean up and hit the bed. After I finished writing last night I took the rest of the time and thumbed through my Physics. At 9 we came back here. I washed up a little, ate a couple cinnamon rolls I had my roommate get me while he was at the store and then got to bed at about 9:30. I was up at 5:30 and after reveille I was back in bed until about 7:30. Then I got up and made my bed and got ready to leave. We had our first test at 8. It was Physics – 60 questions. I didn’t do too badly. I made some silly mistakes on one or two and then there were several I didn’t know but in all I figure I did pretty well. We had 1 ½ hrs. to put on it. I finished at about 10. I came back and we proceeded to go through and argue out all the questions we could remember. Then I skimmed through my Geography notes. It all seemed pretty well in mind so then I started to write a letter to Bart until we went to dinner. I had mashed potatoes, peas, salad, bread, butter, milk, and rice pudding. After dinner at 1 we went back for more tests. We had 3 ½ hours to do the English & Geography tests. The English test was the same one we had last term. The test was pretty easy. I put 75 minutes on the 96 questions. Then I started the Geography. It took me 1 ½ hr. to get through the 130 questions. It was really bad. It was all on stuff we’ve had but when they give 4 answers, any one of which is right and ask for the best it makes it hard. I had to resort to pure guessing in spots. I’m usually pretty unlucky at guessing. I finally finished at about 4:00. I came back and finished the letter to Bart to answer his of Oct. 4. Before supper I took my O.D.’s over to turn in for cleaning and tried to get my field jacket but it wasn’t back yet. Then I went to supper. I had sweet potatoes, cabbage, cheese, carrots, bread, butter, milk, fruit salad and cookie. After supper at 6 we went to study. I decided it was futile to try to study for tomorrow’s tests so I did some writing and between now and then I got letters written to Granny in answer to Oct. 7, to Amelia in answer of Oct. 23 and to Lillis to answer Oct. 28. At 8 we came back here or I did. The fellows have to be in by 10:30 tonight. We have Math in the morning and Chem. in the afternoon. If I can make it I’ll send out my laundry but there won’t be much. That’s today. I have my mail down to 6 letters. I’d like to get it cleared out before I leave if I can so I can start even on text term. Now to some of your back letters. Thurs. Nov. 18 – Was that the pink butter dish that broke? You’ve had it quite awhile. I’ve never read much in that Chem. book I left there in Sept. I think it will be quite interesting. I did my Chem. in Analyt. because I knew the Analyt. but not the Chem. 25 more are on shipping lists now to go out. That will be all until we get back from furlough. The only one I want to be on is one sending me to a school in the 3rd, 5th or 6th service command. The ones who flunked out were either flunking term I over again for the second time or were flunking 2 or 3 subjects. I didn’t mean a B would be a flunk. I meant a B average. You see an average is figured on a point-credit basis as at State. A person could have a couple C’s in certain subjects and still have a B average. I don’t think they’ll let anyone who has been consistently getting D’s go on into advanced though. Remember all this junk I pass on to you is just the latest rumors so your foolish to let it worry you. I just thought I’d let you see how the undercurrents go around here. I’ll be here until March. After that if I stay in the 8th Service Command I want to stay here so I’ll get my furlough and be this close to home. If they flunked me with the marks I have now a lot would go with me is all I can say. Boy, those kids that work with Dad are trying to drag him into everything. They are still taking limited service men, but I don’t think “many are discharged if they don’t fit into the army.” My roommate will stay on next term easily. He’s one of the smartest in the section. Ferd, Freese, & Helle will make it but whether they will ever get past 3rd term I’m personally doubtful. Ferd will make it if any do. Helle could do it hands down. He’s just a little too easy going. Don’t start talking of a 5 or 10 year war. None of us could take it that long. I think it ought to be pretty well in hand inside of 2 yrs. But if it’s only 2 days it’s still too long.

Fri. Nov. 19 – Don’t worry. The bed making and sweeping can go for someone else when I’m out of this. You bet I’m carrying a load and altho’ I’m not trying to brag I think I’m doing pretty doggone well considering the contrast with the kind of study conditions I was used to. I don’t think, in fact I’d bet that Gramp couldn’t work that problem. My eyes don’t look red but they just get tired. I think its lack of sleep as much as anything. American Beauty stuff was all pretty good.

Now to your Mon. & Tues. letters that I got today. That dollar wasn’t necessary but thanks. I repeat we really pass the buck around. I was afraid you were going to suggest going to Wetzel’s. I guess you are right but there goes the extra day I gained. I don’t know if they need changing or not but then I suppose it is the thing to do. It means half a day up there and then a day to wear the stuff out. I only have 6 days at home you know. This could be my last furlough for a long time. I may get one in March but it’s a gamble because we are liable to be shipped out then. Who’s kidding whom. You don’t actually think that I’ll get anything at the presentation do you? I’ll just stand there and hang on to that wooden rifle for about 30 minutes. About 150 men or more were  eligible for good conduct ribbons so they are going to give out 20. You know who’ll get them, too, the cadet officers. I can’t kick because I’m not eligible but I think some of the fellow are justified in kicking. Also rumor has it there will be scholarship awards to the 3 highest men in the Battalion. I’m not building up to any letdown by telling myself I’m one because I probably ain’t. There are a lot of guys here in 4-A who at least ought to get good grades. Of course I have but one B so maybe I have a chance. We’ll see. We haven’t been able to get those insignias yet. If I can’t get any here I may be able to get some there and then you can sew them on for me. Going back is something to forget. Freese is going to Chicago I guess. I’ll get my furlough O.K. Of course I couldn’t control a train strike. I wasn’t in a hurry to buy my ticket. I just avoided the rush. It doesn’t matter now I see whether the Frisco is a little late or not. I can’t get to Chicago before 2:05 and the bus leaves at 1 so I’ll have to wait for that 8:00 p.m. train the same as before. If we are on time then I’ll have 6 hours in Chicago. Thanks for the bus schedule. You can see it doesn’t help me any.

Tues. Nov. 23 – Yes I’ve heard quite a bit about old blood and guts. He really put himself on the fire. It’s his own fault and although he’s a good man he deserves a little taking down for it. Yeh, you can see how I planned on that party & dance Wed. Oh yes. I’m sure you can.

Well that cleans up all your back letters. This weekend I’m going to force myself to do some work for a change (maybe). We have a rough week of tests coming up.

Its 9:55 now so I’ll sign off, go shave, take a shower and head for bed. A week from now I’ll be on the old Frisco Limited. All that’s limited is the speed and the comfort.


So for tonight, Roger



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