Sing Your Way Home

Sat. 17 Nov. ‘45



Dear folks,

Well Sat. afternoon and once more we are getting ready to move. We are moving tomorrow morning early to our new area so I rather imagine we’ll be a bit busy. I haven’t seen the place yet but from all I’ve heard it must really be swell. Perhaps that article did some good after all as the general is supposed to have said we were to get the best area in Manila. It’s pretty hard to understand. Tonight we plan to load all our office equipment on the 2 ½ and take it down. Then in the morning all we’ll need do is pull down our tents and load our personal belongings.

Big stories out on points today. Supposedly they drop to 55 Dec. 1. That gets Miller but leaves the rest of us pretty high and dry. Even this battle star we have pending wouldn’t get me over the hump as it would make 51. I was hoping for 50 as the new score. The story is anyone over 35, or with 4 years service, or with three children or with 55 points is eligible. According to the paper the 2 year system make [may?] begin in March and then they’ll toss out the points completely. If it’s 4 years service in Dec. maybe it will drop to 3 yrs. by January or Feb. My 3 yrs. are up Jan. 1 but I don’t know how much good it will do me. All troops are to be out by Jan. ’47. Boy that’s really an encouraging thought. But someday I’m bound to fit in on one of these plans. I hate to see Miller leave if he does as we’ve been together a long time but naturally I’ll be glad if he can get home. He’s got a really cute little girl that he only saw for about 4 days right after it was born. She’s about 14 months old now. Incidentally that’s where he got all the points.

I got one letter today – Gram’s postmarked Nov. 1. Delivery is pretty slow and unpredictable. It’s been pretty hot today, too hot for any sort of comfort. We had an inspection this morning but outside of shining up my shoes a little I didn’t do anything about it.

Last night we saw “Sing Your Way Home,” a Jack Haley musical. It was pretty good, not much of a story but entertaining. I had thought I might go into town tonight but with the move, it’s out.

Well that’s about it and I have a report to get out yet so I’ll call it off until next time,


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