See You in the Next Envelope

[enclosed with photo postcard of Stanford Campus]


June 3, 1943


This is a view of the campus taken I suspect from the tower shown in the other picture. You can see how everything is built around close together on what is known as the quadrangle. The building with the curved tower is the church you’ve seen in other pictures. We live in the clump of trees in the upper right part of the picture. This makes the third bunch of cards I’ve sent besides the first 3 in one of my letters. I sent two envelopes of cards of Frisco and one with the paper in it on one night. Then the other night I sent out 2 more envelopes with cards. Let me know if you get them all. I was afraid maybe they might be a little heavy to go free but I think they would go anyway. Haxton dropped an air mail letter in the box without a stamp once and it went thru and they paid at the other end. There’ll be 3 more envelopes this time. In one bunch were 12 pictures of Frisco. The one the other night had 8 of Stanford. Tonight I am sending 7 more. With the first 3 that makes 30 cards recently. Let me know in your first letter to Arkansas if you have them all.


See you in the next envelope


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