See Jr. March

Has Dad looked up train schedules, prices, and the like yet? I guess I better see about it on this end Sat. I wish I knew when we could leave. I hate to have to come back so doggone soon. We hear there will be a review on the last Sat. just before we leave. If Pop comes maybe he can see Jr. march which is a really great sight!


Thursday Aug. 5, 1943

8:30 p.m.

It’s now 9:05 p.m.


Dear folks,

Back once more at the end of the day. I got to bed by 10 last night. I was up at 5:15 and dressed. It started to storm during the night and was still raining so we didn’t go out for reveille. I shaved and cleaned my teeth, made my bed and swept before breakfast. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast, butter, shredded wheat, milk, and a banana. After eating I lay down until 7 when we went to Chem. Another chapter to read for Tues. and a test on Sat. We also have a Physics test on Sat. and tomorrow night we have to sing. At 8:00 we went to Military. We have a new Lt. and he appears to be an improvement over the jerk we did have. We have 2 pretty fair officers now. We worked on map reading again. At 9 we went to Physics lab and did an experiment on tension and stretching of wire. I got the experiment done but didn’t have time to finish the problems as usual. At 11 we went to dinner. I had meat loaf, beets, beans, salad, bread, butter, milk and pie (berries of some sort). After eating I stretched out again for a few minutes until 12 when we went to study until 2. I read my English and started on rewriting my theme. At 2 we had Geography and we get a test there next Tues. At 3 we went back to study and I finished rewriting my theme – The copy you have here [Titled “Electrolytic Production of Aluminum,” it is enclosed, but I’ll just leave it to be scanned]. At 4 we went to the auditorium to practice singing for tomorrow night. It was better than spending the hour drilling. We got back in time to grab our mail and head for chow. I got 3 letters today – your Sat.-Sun., Mon., and even the Tues. letter a day ahead of time. For supper I had potatoes, carrots, sliced toms, biscuits, butter, milk, and cherries. My pen just ran out of ink so I’m using Freese’s Eversharp & blue ink as you can see. After supper I came back and read my mail. Then at 6 I went over to the Union and got a small tablet. I have a stack of little envelopes I want to use up. Then I had a milk shake and came back to the barracks or dorm. At 7 we went to study. I started to write my final copy of my theme. I decided to change it here and there and finally finished at about 8:30. I started this but 3 or 4 of us got tangled up in a physics problem and that lasted until 9. Now I’m in late study writing this. I think I’ll head for bed after I finish this. I can read history over the weekend. I won’t try to answer your letters tonight. I don’t see why my laundry didn’t get there as I surely sent it but maybe you got it on Wed. Now as far as me complaining about my eyes, I shall certainly make it clear that my eyes become strained and that I have occasional headaches due to this if I ever get a reexamination. I shan’t try to make it sound good. Don’t worry. But as for complaining about my eyes bothering me, I thought of that long ago but decided against it. You see if I complained about studying bothering my eyes it would be only too simple a matter to remedy it by putting me back in the field where I wouldn’t have to read. I’ll stay here as long as I can rather than go back to the real army. Discharges are few & far between. Latest report is Henk [?] is still on the fence and that clipping you sent seems to sound the same way. I have no plans of a discharge even if G.I. could use me. As far as clerical work, as the clipping said, I imagine that’s a lot of noise. How many L.S. men can do clerical work? I was lucky in that I had a limited L.S. job in Frisco but most L.S.’ers aren’t so fortunate. It’s up to powers greater than I but I’m not planning in the least on it. That way I won’t be disappointed. See? All I am counting on is my furlough and I better get it or I’ll take it anyway. Well maybe I would. Well good night and love. I’ll be seeing Pop before long. Well good night at 9:30 p.m.



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