Resting On The Oars

Fri. 29 Dec. ’44 8:00 p.m.


Dear folks,

One more day. Not too much to say today. I finally got a letter, a V-mail from Edna written Dec. 17. A lot of us told our folks to use air mail instead of V-mail but so far V-mail is all that’s coming thru. Maybe it’s the Xmas rush holding stuff up. Even her V-mail took over 10 days. Last night I wrote V-mails to Aunt Edna & Fred K. before going to bed. I crawled out at the usual time and started the old routine all over again at about 7:00 this morning with reveille and then breakfast – cereal, milk, scrambled eggs, bread, butter, and V-8 fruit cocktail. Then off to work until noon. The company took another hike this morning. They are getting a lot of them lately. It was really foggy this morning. The sun looked like just a big red ball. Dinner was good. I skipped the fish but took spuds, lima beans, beets, bread, butter, peaches & cake. After dinner they gave out our P.X. ration cards & sold out our weekly tobacco ration. All of us buy all we can of everything and pass it around. I have no trouble getting rid of the cigarettes, maybe someone else will have something I want next time. I got my work pretty well all up to date today so I hope I can rest on the oars a couple days. Supper tonight was good too – roast beef, canned (it reminded me of days up north on vacation), potatoes, turnips (uh huh), tomatoes, bread, butter, and pudding. After supper I did out my laundry – some socks, underwear & handkerchiefs. My former assistant was made a T/5 today as mail clerk. The old one got busted. In fact stripes are coming off all over the place lately – 4 men in the Co. so far this week. He informs me you can send one 5lb. pkg. a month plus whatever I request. Is that right? They had a show for us here on the post tonight but I didn’t make it. Tomorrow is Sat. so another weekend is here & my first week in merry old England is finished. Well there isn’t much else to say. If I ever get some letters to answer I’ll have more to write. I may get a pass tomorrow or Sun. I turned one down tonight. Well I’ll call this note a letter and hope mine is reaching you faster than yours are getting here.

Good night,



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