Replowing Physics

Tuesday Aug. 17, 1943

9 p.m.


Dear folks,

Just a short one tonight as I have to dig up or replow a little Physics for a test tomorrow. There will be 6 problems but it covers 3 chap. and that leaves lots of room for stumping me. I left study hall at about 8:50 last night and went over to the theater. We had 4 short movies lasting about an hour. One was on the Pacific & Japs, one was a John Nesbit “Passing Parade” about Napoleon, one was about a bunch of Australians in Timor and the 4th was about diving. They were all O.K. After that I went back to the dorm and got to bed at about 10. I was up at 5:15 and dressed for reveille. When I came in I shaved and cleaned my teeth. Then I tore up my bed to air and lay down until breakfast. I had toast, butter, Rice Krispies, milk, and an orange. Then I came back and swept and at 7 we went to Chem. Boy was I sleepy. I nearly went to sleep 3 or 4 times during his lecture on sulfur. At 8 we went to military and studied the prismatic compass. At 9 we went to Phys. Lecture. At 10 we had study and I spent it on Geog. At 11 we went to chow – potatoes, cauliflower, salad, bread, butter & watermelon. After eating I lay down & snoozed for awhile until we went to study at 12. Grades go in again Fri. so I suspected a Geog. test & studied my notes most of the 2 hours. I spent the last part on Algebra. I was right because we had a quiz in Geog. I missed one I believe out of 20 which is 95 and isn’t bad. At 3 we went back to study until 3:30. I kept on my Algebra for tomorrow’s test. At 3:30 we went back to the dorm and at 4 fell out for about an hour of company drill. Today is the first cool day we’ve had in weeks. It was 66 degrees this morning and only about 80 degrees this afternoon and lo & behold for the first time we can drill without ties. That really is the army for you. We quit a little before 5 and left shortly for chow. I got no mail. I had scalloped potatoes, carrots, dressing, salad, muffins, butter, milk & jello for supper. I came back & cleaned up the Algebra situation and at 6 went over to the union to get a tablet and a choc. sundae. I got back about 6:30 and at 7 we came to study. I conducted a little tutoring in Algebra, went thru my Trig. and started on Physics before 9. Now I’m in late study hall. I’ll give my Physics a quick brush off and head for bed. I’ve been so doggone sleepy all day that it isn’t funny. I hope it’s cool like this in the morning. Last Monday’s mile & a half encouraged me and I think if I feel in the spirit that I’ll take off and see what I can do. I’ll probably get a sideache this time or something to slow me up. Anyway that covers the picture pretty well for today. Nothing new on the furloughs. Grades go in Sat. & will probably tell whether we stay or go and whether we go into II or stay in I. I don’t have any worries although I could wish for better grades than I have I imagine. In all my subjects as a whole I’m doing O.K. because I find more & more I’m being hunted up about Algebra first, then trig. and now even Physics. There is one chemist here who knows his stuff and I’ve learned a lot from him. Well I’ll call this it for tonight. Rumor still says we go to Chaffee. Sat. If we all go there’ll be about 60 and that’s too many for anybody to get discharges. Well goodnight.




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