PomPom Pull Away

Friday Aug. 13, 1943

3:20 p.m.


Dear folks,

This will be short and hard to read. I am in study hall now. I sprained my wrist and hand in P.T. this morning. It wasn’t much at first but the muscles have been getting stiffer and my hand and wrist ache a lot. I’m going on sick call in the morning unless it’s a lot better. I did it trying to catch a football. Someway it hit just right and bent my wrist backward like you did once playing pompom pull away. I put some liniment of one of the fellows on it noon but I guess I didn’t use enough. I hate to miss my Chem. test in the morning but since sick call is at 8:15 maybe I’ll go to class at 7 for the test if I can write O.K. Now don’t worry too much, as it’s just a bad strain. I don’t think there is anything broken or I’d know it before now. If my letters drop off a day or so don’t get scared as maybe my hand will be bandaged so I can’t write. It’s not swollen much but it sure hurts. I’m not going to try to write a regular letter but I did want you to get this much. Nothing new on furloughs yet today. This is scarcely a letter and I doubt if you can read it but anyway you know the story in brief. Please don’t worry too much as I am O.K. except for this.


For this time,



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