Patton Finally Kicked In

Sat. 22 Dec. ‘45



Dear folks,

Back once more at the end of another week. They go fast but still not fast enough. Two or three more ought to bring a few changes. The paper today was a bit encouraging. The score drops to 50 the end of the year making 70,000 more men out here eligible, but due to anticipated increase in shipping they expect shipping space for 170,000 men besides them. They aren’t sure whether the ships will be diverted, or whether they’ll return empty, or just sit out here empty waiting for a further drop in score. That would really make us feel good to know there were plenty of ships but we still were stuck waiting for the score to drop. I doubt if that will happen though as it would create just a little too much resentment. Now, with Eisenhower as chief of staff I think we’ll be on our way just as soon as possible. I hope that’s before another month is clocked off. There was quite a bottleneck in the Repl. Depots for the last 2 weeks but ships are in and they’re moving fast now. Miller called last night and said he might leave today. Naturally I can’t tell what will happen but maybe, despite the confusion in higher headquarters we’ll be able to get started before too long. According to some versions, we might have been in a unit now, ready to leave, if Base X hadn’t messed things up but that’s the way it goes.

Nothing much new today. We just go along everyday doing as little as possible and waiting. Last night I got a card from Sunfield and this morning Gram’s letter mailed Dec. 12. Charles is home on a 90 day re-enlistment furlough as he signed up for a year in the Regular Army. I guess he had about 30 points and decided he’d be in too long just waiting. Personally I think he’s crazy as 3 year men will be out by early spring and he came in a month or so after I did. I don’t know what rank he has now but I still say he’s foolish. If I had wanted to I could have re-enl. as a T/Sgt with $114 base pay, 20% for overseas & 5% longevity (about $145 a month) but I think I have just a little bit more sense than that. But of course it’s up to him & I don’t particularly care. This boy is getting his little self back where he belongs just as soon as possible. In a lot of ways I’m not too happy about being overseas but I’d really be hurting for points if I hadn’t come over when I did. I’d probably had to some anyway but later when no points were to be earned. Maybe when I look at it from all points of view, things turned out just about right.

Last night we saw “Come Out Fighting” a comedy with the East Side Kids that was quite good. Tonight we have a new one “Kiss & Tell.” The play was supposedly pretty good so maybe the picture will be too.

Xmas Eve they have some sort of party planned – a Xmas show, refreshments, Xmas carols, etc. Sounds sort of good. The chaplain has arranged it all. After 2 years they finally gave us a chaplain. If I get up in time tomorrow I think I shall go over as everyone says he’s very good. Guess it wouldn’t hurt me any.

Oh yes, Gramp said he sent a package of some kind but I haven’t received it as yet. I was thinking, I don’t know yet when anything may break but you better hold up on letters after about the 10th or 15th of Jan. I may be wrong, but that’s about as close as I can guess right now. There goes a convoy of boys on their way to the docks. They’re really moving fast now and I am glad to see it.

I won’t recognize the old campus by the time I get back if they keep building on it. I see that Patton finally kicked in. He was a pretty fair soldier I guess but certainly not a popular one. He took over the 15th Army after we left it in Europe.

Well I guess that’s about all there is to say for today. You are probably getting tired of hearing about points all the time but I dare say it makes up about 95% of the conversation out here and is the uppermost thought.

So long then til next time,

Be seein’ you


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