Out Of A Clear Sky (Almost)

Monday 5 November 1945



Dear folks,

Monday night and here I am on CQ again. This is getting to be too much of a habit. Yesterday I was on voluntarily and my regular turn was this Thurs. So tonight the fellow scheduled for it wasn’t around and naturally I get the job. I think I and a couple people are going to have a little heart to heart talk. I am sort of good natured but there is a limit to everything.

Nothing worthwhile talking about today. Last night we went to a show but it wasn’t too good. It was “On Stage Everybody” with Jack Oakie and Peggy Ryan. He is getting a little worse in each picture I think. Today we have been pretty busy again getting things out of the way. We got paid this afternoon so that was a little more work. Then out of a clear sky (almost) we get an I.G. inspection for tomorrow. So we had to get on the ball and get things in shape so far as possible. I think after all our rushing around things are all right. Anyway I don’t let an inspection bother me much anymore. It is just a little late in the war to worry about it. If we pass it fine, if not well so what. We’ll still get home at the same time and that is all that matters to me. I think this inspection was brought about by some of our “smarter” gentlemen who sought to remedy a situation about which they knew practically nothing. It seems a S/Sgt drafted a letter of complaint about our future move from this place and got 369 signatures to the thing before sending it in to the Pacifican for publication. I’ll send you a copy of the letter. Personally I had no sympathy for it and refused to sign it. I sign the payroll once a month and that is all. I can see no sense in starting a thing like that unless it can accomplish some good for us. Certainly this could only do harm and no good. The thing was printed much to our surprise and when the Major saw it this morning he predicted that the IG would be in his hair in no time and it was only a couple hours later.

We are supposed to have all our stuff in the tents arranged for it but since I shall be over here in the morning I may not be able to make it. We had a good dinner today of fried chicken again but the supper tonight wasn’t much. No mail yesterday or today. Nothing but packages and newspapers for the last three days. It ought to break loose again about tomorrow.

I had intended to go to a movie tonight but naturally I can’t make it now. There isn’t much else to say and I’m not in a very good writing mood right now. I’ll send along the clipping. Notice that bright article by the poor neglected officer. It’s about time they realized they aren’t going to boss the former Enlisted Men around once we all get back home. It will give me a lot of pleasure to deflate some of these ex-officers when this is all over.

Well I’ll sign off for tonight until next time, so long again,


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