Oh Well, So What!

Sunday 11 Nov. ‘45

9:15 a.m.


Good morning folks,

A really nice Sunday morning here so far. It’s clear and sunny and still cool here in the tent. But outside the sun is getting pretty hot. It’s hard to realize it’s already mid-November and still so hot but it is. Personally I still like the 4 seasons pretty well. I’d like to see some snow and ice skating this winter but probably won’t get even close. Maybe it’s as well as we’d we have a little trouble getting used to the cold. Our blood is pretty well thinned now after 3 months out here. Incidentally those 3 months have really passed quickly. Time should drag considering conditions but I guess we’ve been too busy to notice it. I hope the next two months go as fast as maybe by then things will be looking up a bit. Sometimes it seems as if everything looks swell, then again it looks as if we’ll never get out of here. Something came up yesterday which made us do a little thinking. It’s still possible we might hit Japan before we’re through. We hadn’t thought of that one before.

Oh well, so what! I crawled out at about 7:30 this morning for breakfast of eggs. After eating I got ambitious and shined all 2 pairs of my shoes. Then Miller & I went over and got our laundry. They upped the prices on us. It costs 75 cents for 2 sets of suntans now. There is a Flip family nearby which does the work. They really get all they can out of us but at least they do a good job.

This afternoon some of us are going into town for awhile so I’m going to shave and clean up when I finish this. I don’t suppose there’ll be much to see or do but we’ll find out. There is a pretty nice Red Cross I understand. After all the good places we’ve been in we have to come to rest over here. Our little trip out here kept us overseas probably three months longer.

Well, there’s not much else to write this time so I’ll call this off for now.

5:45 and we are back after spending the afternoon in town. I showered and cleaned up this morning but you probably couldn’t tell it. A clean uniform stays pressed just about long enough to get it on. A few minutes and its sweated all out of shape. We had a swell dinner today, fried chicken (I had a whole breast), potatoes, string beans, bread, butter, cake, lemonade & ice cream. About 1:30 four of us took off in a jeep. We hit a couple Red Cross clubs and rode around most of the town. We were down by the harbor and saw a big ship come in. There are a lot down there now, which looks good. I guess our battle star sort of fizzled. The officer & men who were in that scrape got it but so far nothing is heard about the battalion as a whole. No mail today, I see.

Well that’s about the story so I’ll call it off. Think I’ll see a movie tonight.

So long


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