Number 23 Is Finished

Sunday 14 October ‘45



Dear folks,

Sunday afternoon and I’ll write awhile. Well number 23 is finished and this starts number 24 today. It’s a whole lot different from last year. A year ago today I was on a train heading for home. I wonder how long it will be before I’ll be there again. It can’t be any too soon for any of us but it still isn’t in sight. The only thing which is encouraging are the rumors which are many but unfounded. The best that even the rumors do for us is Xmas. I hope its right but I won’t be very surprised if we are eating Xmas dinner in Manila.

The 60 pointers are about all cleared out now. Originally they were leaving in mid November but the latest is about 10 days from now. The 38th Div. has already gone and I believe the 37th is the last so maybe we are just about next. About all that are left are ETO troops and kids who’ve been over here 4 or 5 months as replacements. Most of our new men have from 18 to 20 points which looks pretty good. Before they came the organization was split in half at 45 points. Now the average must be down nearer 40 so that makes my 46 look a whole lot bigger than it used to. So if they lower points to 45 or start 2 year releases I ought to make either one. There aren’t many in the outfit with more service than I now. A lot can happen in 1 ½ months between now and December 1.

Last night we had a movie. It was “Our Vines Grow Tender Grapes,” a rather serious story with Edward G. Robinson in a new type role with little Margaret O’Brien. Remember her in “Lost Angel” when we saw it back at the Gladmer? It was a good story but the generator went out near the end and I got disgusted and left. I guess they got it started later on but I didn’t go back to see the end.

Back at about 8:10 p.m. We got a lot of records in this afternoon on some of our new men so we went down to check them over before supper. We had some good macaroni tonight, almost as good as yours. We have practically a completely new group of cooks and we’ve been eating the last few days. We had fried chicken yesterday noon, roast beef last night and chicken for dinner again today. It’s good and in large quantities for some reason. Hope it keeps up.

This morning I got up at about 7:30 for breakfast of fried eggs and then lay back down and slept until about 11:30 when I got up for dinner. I decided to get enough sleep for one morning while the rest of the boys were working.

That’s about the story for today. Tomorrow it’s back to work once more. I’m getting awfully tired of this old routine day in and day out but I guess it will go on for awhile yet.

There was a railroad bridge out someplace between Manila and San Jose today so we didn’t get any mail. Maybe we’ll get twice as much tomorrow if we get any. I was going to write several letters today but as usual I didn’t get it done. I don’t seem to get much of anything done anymore but someday I’ll get ambitious (maybe).

Well it’s nearly bed time again so I’d better be on my way for today. I’ll be back again next time, so long for now.


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