Nothing To Do And Nothing To See

Friday 28 Sep ‘45



Dear folks,

I’m on CQ this noon so I’ll start a letter while there is nothing doing. It wasn’t quite my time but the next three men in line are off at various places so I got it. There is nothing to do except watch over the switchboard. For some reason it has been unusually quiet so far. Maybe everyone is eating I hope. We had a swell steak dinner today. I ate early and got a well done piece. Nothing new around here much. We got 4 letters for the whole company last night. The adjutant is going to try to see just what the score is on our mail, why we don’t get any. It must be held up someplace here on the island because it seems to be coming across pretty fast now. Maybe it will bring some results. We are losing all of our 35 year old men so they won’t be in the army long now. I’m glad I’m not that old naturally but it must really feel good to know that it won’t be long before you could get away from all of this sort of thing.

Our work goes up and down. One time we have twice as much as we can handle and the next time there is absolutely nothing to do. I guess I had better get back to posting some of the publications we have lying around. That’s one job I really dislike but the other clerk who was doing that sort of thing is down in San Jose on DS so I guess it is up to me. I am getting so that I do less work every day and I’m not doing any more than I can possibly help from now on. There is no future and now that the war is over I have lost all my ambition and just want to get back where I belong. Things in general appear about the same around here. Nothing is definite enough to put any confidence in.

It is the usual hot afternoon. We had some rain last night but not as much as usual. There hasn’t been much for a couple days which is good. It has made it so they could get the boys out of the mountains. If it holds for another 4 or 5 days then it can rain all it wants and we won’t care. By then it shouldn’t be our worry any more. We just have our fingers crossed. Well that is about all there is to say today. I know these letters don’t amount to much but every day is just like the last one out here. There is nothing to do and nothing to see and talk about. So for one more time, so long and I’ll be seeing you,


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