My Little Hammock

Mon. 18 Dec. ‘44

1:00 p.m. (9:00 a.m. there)


Dear folks,

This will perhaps be the first letter you get after quite awhile. We can’t mail any more on the boat after today so I’m putting stamps on it and hoping it will go air mail. I have a few stamps that I’ll nurse along as long as possible so I’d like you to put in a few air mail stamps every once in awhile when you write.

Here’s what to look for in the way of letters. Dec. 7 letter you should have gotten a week ago today. Dec. 8 is a V-mail letter. This one is air mail and the ones between – Dec. 9-17 inclusive are all sent “Free.” That’s 11 letters in all. They are sent as you can see by all possible methods and in all probability will go out together so you will be able to tell which goes faster. I imagine the V-mail will get there first.

It’s a beautiful day today for which I am thankful. I can’t seem to make it seem that Xmas is but a week away. I got a good night’s sleep last night again in my little hammock. This morning I found myself on a little mopping detail again but it helps pass the time away at least.

It’ll sure feel funny to walk on something that doesn’t move. I’ll probably walk stiff legged for awhile. Maybe some of the things in this letter don’t tie up very well but they will when you’ve gotten all the letters. Everyone around here has grabbed pen in hand and is furiously writing. I’ve written every day just as if they were going out because I know you and how you like to get letters.

There really isn’t much I can say except I hope you get all of these pretty fast and that I have mail waiting for me. But if you get mine O.K. I won’t complain too much. One never knows how long we’ll be in one spot from now on so getting mail may be a problem.

That’s about all I guess so I’m going to sign off and write a V-mail also so you’ll be sure of hearing from me as soon as was at all possible. It might possibly beat air mail and I know you’ll be looking for the date to see how “far behind me” you are. So long now,



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