Mixed Up Vegetables

Wednesday Aug. 4, 1943

9:10 p.m. In late study


Dear folks,

I’ve got enough work to last quite awhile but I’ve been up late every night this week and my eyes are trying to shut so I’ll dash this off and head for bed. I got to bed at about 10:30 last night and was up at 5:15. That gives about 6 ½ hrs. sleep but I guess I’m just used to more or something. I dressed and lay down til reveille. Then I came back and made my bed, swept and got my house work done before breakfast at 5:45. I had French toast, syrup, butter, shredded wheat, milk, and an orange. After eating I changed to my shorts for P.T. and then lay down again until 7. I guess you can see I snatch all the sleep I can in the morning. At 7 we went out to P.T. First we had 25 minutes or so of calisthenics. A storm had been gathering all around but nothing happened. Then instead of cross country we started running dashes today. We ran the 100 yd. first. I did it in about 12 sec. I guess but I could have done it faster maybe. Then we ran the 220 yd. dash. I decided that was too far to dash so I trotted the first 100. I was last but I ran the last ½ and passed all but 4 or 5 fellows. By then it was beginning to rain pretty hard so we gave up the 440 (1/4 mile) and they let us go at about 10 to 8. I took a shower and cleaned my teeth. Then I brushed my shoes, shined my buckle and dressed and took it easy until 9. By then it had nearly quit raining. We went to Physics at 9 and spent the hour on problems. At 10 we had English with speeches as usual. At 11 we went to dinner – meat loaf, potatoes, cauliflower, mixed up vegetables, salad, bread, butter, milk, and pudding. After eating I stretched out again until 12 when we went to Algebra class. We got our test back and I got 100 despite the one I copied wrong so I was pretty happy. He read our marks on last week’s Chem. test today in Physics. I got 93 which was better than I had hoped for. There was one 94 + one 92 beside mine. They were the 3 highest grades so my average is still above 95. She gave us some problems to do for next time. In trig. I got the last assignment back with 100 which looked much better than 80. He also gave some problems. All I can say is I’m glad I had Schneider for math and learned as much as I did. At 2 we had history. I surprised him by answering a lot of questions on stuff. I really have a good knowledge of history too but it’s a little tarnished and needs to be sanded down a little. At 3 we went to study. I jumped on to my trig. and worked on it until 4 when we went back to the dorm. I finished it and started my algebra before supper. For supper I had potatoes, cauliflower, squash, sliced toms, bread, butter, milk, and cake. After supper I finished my algebra and read on my English until 7 when we came to study. I spent most of my time there on Chem. although I got to doing limits & other equations I had at M.S.C. and got sidetracked for awhile. At 9 I came up here and finished reading my Chem. That is up to now. We have Physics & Chem. tests Sat. and Fri. night we have to go sing at a movie in the Greek theater. Nobody brought us any mail today for some unknown reason so we couldn’t have a mail call. We understand we’ll go to town Sat. morning from 8 to 9 to cash our July pay checks. I was going to send some more home but it’s only a short time now until Labor Day so I think I’ll keep it. We might not be paid Sept. 1 and I don’t want to lose any time if you know what I mean. I heard a rumor that the L.S. men are to be examined Sat. although that’s far from anything certain. I signed up for the $10,000 insurance today so you may get another policy. Well I’m going to call this thing a letter and get to bed. Except for studying Chem. & Physics, rewriting my theme, and reading Geography, History, and English, I’m in doggone good shape. Well good night and Love,


Your Son

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