Maybe We Should Have Joined The Navy

Sunday 15 July ‘45

Somewhere at Sea


Dear folks,

Well it’s about a week since I have written, most of which has been spent “at sea.” We are several days on our way now but there are a great many more yet unless I miss my guess. It’s hard to tell when this may be mailed.

Things aren’t so bad as they might be fortunately. I guess it’s safe to say we hit an American ship this time and what a difference. We are getting the best food we’ve seen in months – the best prepared and the largest quantities. Maybe we should have joined the navy. The big difference between this and our previous voyage is that we don’t eat and sleep in the same place. We have our compartment with a bunk for each man. Except for a morning inspection period we can sleep at any time we like. Naturally we’re a bit crowded but that is expected. I have an electric fan near my bunk and so far it hasn’t been too hot to sleep.

The time goes along much faster than last time. By the time we’ve gotten up, dressed, sweated out the chow line for breakfast it is around 9:00. It takes about an hour each time to get through the chow line but with three square meals a day we aren’t kicking. In between I’ve done a bit of reading and naturally we have some work to do as morning reports are an eternal thing.

We have some music broadcast about the ship which sounds pretty good.

Yesterday for awhile I didn’t feel too “healthy” so I hit the bed for a few hours and got over it. I certainly ought not to be seasick as the ocean is very calm. I don’t suppose it can last but I surely hope it does.

Somebody decided I should have a job to do I guess as I find myself in charge of ordering P.X. rations for my section. That takes another hour about so before we know it almost, the day is over.

We have shower facilities, fresh water at certain hours, salt water always. They issued out salt water soap so we are all set. About the biggest difficulty now is laundry. We are “hurtin” in that department but whether we’ll get any service is hard to say.

Maybe you notice the difference in my address. As of July 12, 1945 I am a Technician 4th Grade, the one with 3 stripes and the “T.” Just to make it sound good I’ll use Sgt. It’s the same grade and the same pay. They promised us our stripes once we got on the boat and they were as good as their word. Our boy Kumins pulled out on us and we left him in the hospital at the last minute. So that made quite a few openings. The boy ahead of me made Tech/Sgt. so I got his T/4. A T/5 took over my job with “C” Co. I like the job I have but I almost got thrown out of it on my ear. I don’t think it shall happen again. It better not anyway.

As I said I don’t know when this will be mailed. We are hoping to stop someplace and drop mail and maybe pick some up. Any that we left behind us I’m afraid will be quite awhile catching up now. This is still my old address but once you get my new one I’d like to get a few more letters than I’ve been getting lately. Do I need to say more?

It’s about chow time for our compartment I believe. We had ice cream for dinner today for the first time. No wonder these boys in the Navy put on weight if they always eat this way. By the time we get off I should have gained a little.

Well that’s about all there is to say on this “peaceful” Sunday afternoon. The war seems awfully remote out here on the clear, very blue ocean right now but it probably will be brought to us again, soon enough. I’ll write again probably before this goes “out” so until next time,

Take it easy,


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