Just the Tops!

[Enclosed with a card – message “Happy Birthday, POPS! Pajamas have pants an’ a jacket! (Of course you know that Pops!) But I don’t need to send you BOTH – Because you’re just the “TOPS”!”]


June 8, 1943


Hi Dad,

I’m jumping the gun a little with this card but I guess it will be only about a week early. I have the date written down someplace. I think its June 20. I bought this card at the Stanford bookstore and carried [it] across the country with me. I hope you like it. I’m at the University of Arkansas but I don’t know yet how I’ll like it. Things are pretty confused yet. I hope it will go O.K. for me. I don’t want to have to wish I were back in Frisco. Well Pop I hope you have a nice Father’s Day and that you feel O.K.




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