Just Me

Thurs. 12 Oct. ‘44

About 7:45 p.m.


Dear folks,

Well I’m back again. I’m sitting in the supply room writing this while the boys about me busily work. Last night after I finished writing I shaved, showered and got to bed. I was up at the usual time again this morning. Oh was it cold to crawl out of that nice warm blanket and dress. It wasn’t much warmer outside at reveille either. After reveille I straightened up my junk around my bed, and went to breakfast – eggs (I think that’s what it was supposed to be), bread, butter, milk and an apple. After eating I finished up and then we went over and swept and mopped the office out. Then I did my report. It was a pretty good one today with all the changes we had. Then I up and left one change off so that has to go on in the morning. Then I cleaned up a few jobs and spent the morning on my payroll until I quit for dinner. I had macaroni, creamed cauliflower, corn, bread & butter. After dinner I adjourned for my usual milk at the P.X. Then back to work on my payroll until I got it finished. I had to take time out for an hour or so this morning while they had a dental survey. I had to check the Service Records to see if the partial plates were all entered. My teeth are in Class IV yet which means they are O.K. Tonight I quit at about 5:00 I guess and came back to supper – potatoes, salad, bread, butter & rice pudding. After supper I shined my buttons and took care of some stuff. Then I went over to the P.X. and sat around talking with the 1st/Sgt awhile and then brought some candy back to my boys working here in the supply room. I hope I can read this over your shoulder. My pass is OK’d and I intend to take off tomorrow night unless something happens. I won’t quite make it home for my birthday but it’s close enough to call it that. I’m hoping what you are sending gets here by tomorrow. I got your 2 cards & Mon. letter this morning. This afternoon I got 2 pkgs from Sunfield. One was a box of about 5 big apples that Gramp raised. Boy there [they] are really big and good tasting too. The other pkg was a little box of candy, 2 prs of socks, some shaving cream, blades & tooth powder and a couple handkerchiefs. So I owe them a letter now too. I owe you a couple but I hope I can be there to answer them so I think I’ll skip it for tonight. This isn’t much of a letter but I’m going to stop and get my stuff ready to take along. I’m not dragging very much this time. Just me. So for tonight,


How do you do,



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