I’m Still “Around”

Tuesday 17 July ‘45

At sea


Dear folks,

Guess it’s about time I wrote another line or two your way. I could write oftener than I am but I have no idea just when they might be mailed and besides there isn’t a great deal one can talk about due to censorship.

The ocean has stayed remarkably smooth. It is a little ruffled today but by now I am used to the rolling motion again and it doesn’t seem to be bothering me any. The time is going unusually fast, certainly not like our trip from the states to England. This morning we had a rifle inspection so it took a little time to look that over. It seems in pretty good condition considering the beating it took in France. Never have I ever “endured” the dust we lived in back there before.

Our food is holding up as good as at first. If it keeps up I should gain a little weight unless I sweat it all away. It’s really hot today. In no time one is soaked with perspiration and I don’t dare leave off my shirt too long at a crack as I know how easily I can get really burned.

I’m still ordering the P.X. rations for our section, which takes a little more time. So far I haven’t figured out any way of making a profit on the deal. It is developing into a full-scale problem in bookkeeping and I shall be happy to just “break even” when it’s all done.

They have organized a sort of band or orchestra of some nature from among the boys which is making its big “debut” tonight. I’m in the mood for some real music again. They broadcast some over the P.A. once in awhile but not enough. We haven’t heard much since we left England. The “Armed Forces Network” back there put out some really good programs.

We have lots of reading material floating around but so far I haven’t finished the one book yet that I started 3 or 4 days ago.

I wonder what’s “going on” back there. I imagine it’s pretty warm if it’s a typical July. I wish we were on that “one way trip” home but that’s something it’s better not to think about I guess. Someday we’ll be making that trip and then we won’t be caring about conditions or accommodations just so long as we get there.

Well there isn’t much else I can talk about now. Part of the letter I wrote the other day may be clipped as I understand the censorship is rather strict. Anyway you’ll get something at least so you’ll know that I’m still “around.” So long again until “next time.” Take it easy,


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