I’m Not Supermouse

Sat. 16 Dec. ‘44


Dear folks,

Well one more weekend is here and I’ve been wondering how to spend it. I can’t decide whether I’ll go to town tonight or not. But since I’m not Supermouse and have no water wings I’ll probably be right here where I am.

I feel a little disgruntled today. The boat is rolling quite a bit but that doesn’t bother. I’m just a bit sleepy as I couldn’t seem to get much sleep last night. The motion of the boat sort of rolled me around a lot. As soon as I could I got up on deck this morning and stayed up until about noon reading a small pocket book “The Case of the Stuttering Bishop.” It wasn’t much of a book but it’s something to do. When I came back down I spent about 3 hours trying to sleep off a headache but didn’t get very far so now here I am.

Nothing much I can talk about. I’ll really be glad when this trip is over as its getting pretty tiresome. We’re all getting a bit on edge and a bit on the argumentative side.

So far they won’t let us write where we think we are going although these won’t be mailed until we arrive and by then we’ll be writing our letters from “Somewhere in Timbucktoo or Nagasaki” or wherever it may be. I consider we are lucky to be headed to where we are and I hope we’ll stay for awhile. I’m going to miss being able to buy anything I wanted to eat so long as I had the money. When we were back at our last camp I did a pretty good job on the stuff I like – ice cream, milk shakes, milk, etc. Over here most of all that sort of thing will be unavailable. Remember those Bismcarcks I used to like so well? Well, they sold them at the P.X. and I really got my share of them for the short time I was there. Well this isn’t getting me anywhere, except hungry, but it’s something to talk or write about. I’ll really lay into some good food when I can get at it again.

As I mentioned once before we get a little work on languages. One of them I like and could catch on to fairly fast. Of course all they teach us are phrases to get directions, ask simple questions, etc. and we really learn nothing about grammar or construction but I know a little about it so I could grasp it fairly quickly. I’ve intended to do a little studying but never have done much yet.

Maybe I’ll get ambitious and answer Rudy’s & Edna’s letters tonight so I’ll be caught up when we arrive. I’m hoping we’ll have mail waiting and we should have quite a bit.

Well I guess that’s all I have to say for today so I’ll sign off until next time again. So long,

Be seein’ yo’all



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