If I Ever Had To Work

Friday 23 Nov. ‘45

Manila 7:10 p.m.


Dear folks,

Another week about done with. Not too much new today. Last night I went to a movie. It was my first time here and they really have a swell theater. It’s outside naturally but there are plenty of seats and a very nice stage. The screen is full size for a change. Last night they had “Conflict” with Humphrey Bogart & Alexis Smith, which was pretty good – one of those psychological plots.

Today things have gone along fairly well. There wasn’t much doing this morning but this afternoon we moved across to our new office so that involved a certain amount of confusion and work. We went back after supper tonight for awhile and have things in pretty fair shape once more. A little time in the morning and everything will be back to normal. We are in a regular building now and it’s really a nice setup. They seem to get better as we go along but it’s due to the fact we inherited it all from the Navy. Now if we can just stay put for awhile, everything will be O.K.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner last night and what a meal – all the white meat I could eat, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, peas, bread, butter, biscuits, cranberry sauce & pumpkin pie with cream frosting. I was pretty full when I quit.

Today I got Gram’s Nov. 12-14 letter. I’ve been averaging about one a day lately. There’s no show here tonight. Some of the boys went to one at another camp up the road but I’m in fatigues and didn’t have the ambition to change.

For the first time in quite while my work is caught up. I was talking to the medics today about my wrist and I’m going up to the hospital Mon. and see what they think about it. Personally I doubt if they can do much about [it] but as I see it, it doesn’t hurt to find out. The Dr. in England said it might be possible to graft the bones together but he couldn’t be sure. Actually it doesn’t bother too much but if I ever had to work (which is quite possible) it would give me trouble.

That’s about all the dope from here for today so I’ll be signing off again. So long until next time,


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