Here Comes Scottie

Saturday June 19, 1943

9:45 a.m.


Dear folks,

Here comes Scottie [This may be a reference to the smaller notebook paper he is writing on.]. Now I’ll see how my letters compare in length with yours. Last night after I quit writing I shaved and took a shower. I shaved in the latrine in order to keep my sink clean and also so I wouldn’t have a light on in my room. I didn’t have a mirror but I didn’t need it. When I finished my shower, cold water, lights were out so I quietly got to bed. I was up at 5:45 this morning. I dressed before reveille. When we got back in we made our beds, swept and dusted and got things in order before breakfast. For breakfast I had potatoes, scrambled eggs, w.w. toast, butter, jam, Rice Krispies, milk and an orange. After breakfast I put on my clean set of suntans, my clean tie, and the underwear you just sent. I brushed off my shoes and waited. We were to be ready for inspection by 8:00. At about 8:45 I took some papers over to Hdqs. Then I came back and waited some more. Finally we had the inspection at about 9:30. They didn’t find anything wrong with the room. He did seem to think my G.I. belt was a little worn. For all the work I put on the room, they hardly looked at it. They didn’t even look into the closets. We even had to button the flies on our pants hanging in the closet. I think we were well prepared but they really didn’t do much inspecting. It’s sort of disappointing but if I hadn’t cleaned it up they would have been sure to look. Now I’m writing while I wait for the next move. They have us assigned to sections so we may register for classes this morning or afternoon. Classes may start Monday. Also we start getting up at 5:15 which is very bad. Also the other company is getting a 3rd set of suntans for the men so maybe we will too. I have a set of O.D.’s, my G.I. suntan pants, the shirt I bought, a tie, and a belt to send to the cleaners. I also have to try to get that shirt. If I could I’d send the one I bought home because I know they’ll never get it clean. I’ve worn it 11 days so you can guess what the collar is like. I wore an already tied tie for inspection today. It’s like the ones I used to wear that Aunty sent only tan. I don’t like it too well. I’d rather have the regular kind. I’ve got to get one or two more. I lost that one G.I. so I only have one. It has to go to the cleaners because it’s nearly black. My cleaning bill will be $1.20 this week. I didn’t send any laundry out. All I have is 4 prs. of socks, 3 towels, a wash cloth, 2 shorts and 1 shirt. I may rinse them out myself or wait and send them to you to wash. Whenever you send don’t bother about Spec. Del. because it doesn’t make enough difference. It did in Calif. but not here. While I’m waiting for developments I’ll answer your letter of Tues. June 15 which I got yesterday.

Back at 6:15. This has been a fairly busy day. I didn’t get in to mail any laundry but I didn’t have much anyway. We had to fall out so I quit writing. We got bunks for our rooms so we changed to fatigues and brought them in. It was a nice job to carry a wooden double deck bed up to the third floor and it was terribly hot today. We got rid of our canvass cots and made our beds. I got the top one. This bed making is a waste of time. The top sheet and blanket have to be folded back so its 24 inches from the head and the fold is 8 inches wide. The pillow is 4 inches from the fold. I finally got mine made. I think I’ll sleep on top and cover up with one of my G.I. blankets so I won’t have to make it up every day. When I finished I put my suntans back on and sorted my laundry. I had 4 prs. of socks, 3 hankies, 3 towels, 2 shorts, a shirt, a belt and my gloves packed in that busted shoe box. About that time the mail boy brought me a letter, your Wed. one and said I had a box downstairs. I didn’t know what it could be because I hadn’t heard another one was coming. I got it and signed for it and was I surprised and happy. I gave a hasty look thru it and had to fall out for announcements and dinner. For dinner I had steak, potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, salad, bread, butter, milk and bananas fixed with some sort of custard. It was good. I hurried back and read your letter and looked to see what I really had Oh boy. I really didn’t ask for you to buy all of that. I just listed the things I needed. You sure went over the top on that. All I can say is thanks but I still think I better pay for it when I get paid. I hate to have you use that other money. I’ll leave it up to you though. The 3 shirts at 38 are just O.K. I haven’t tried the T shirts but they look as if they will fit O.K. They are what I’ve been wanting. When I take off my shirt to play, I won’t get burned too much although my back seems to be tanning and not burning this year. I’ve taken it very slow. Wow those shorts really have color but 69 cents is awful. I remember that 3rd pair too. The socks are swell. I now have 22 pairs so I guess I’ll make it O.K. Day before yesterday I had 8. The short ones I’ll use for dress, the 2 brown and 2 white pairs. The 4 pairs of khakis are almost identical to G.I.’s. Maybe I can turn them in for salvage when they are worn out. G.I. stuff can be turned in for new. The 3 prs. of white ones feel like they will be very good at absorbing sweat. The only thing is they will soon be stained brown but maybe not if I wear them one day only. The pair of sweat socks are almost identical to G. I.’s and are just the thing. Boy was I glad over those 2 ties. This cheap one I got in Frisco isn’t much good. I don’t know how you did so well but they are the nearest to a G.I. tie I have seen yet. I tried to find some in various places but they were all too thin. Those are just right and I’ll surely make good use of them. I sweat under my chin and they get dirty in no time. The candy bars were O.K. despite the heat and 3 of them are no more. The shoe laces are already in my oxfords so you see I am glad for every bit of it and I sure do thank you. That was real service but it must have cost doggone near 10 bucks altogether. At 1 we fell out, those of us who have but 2 sets of suntans and we went after more. I got another set. I got new pants but the shirt is used. It is one someone has lost thru the laundry. It is minus a button at the collar. It isn’t in bad shape though and I am glad to get the 3rd set. That simplifies matters a lot and with your contribution the picture is looking much better. I had to fall out again at 2:15 or so to go register for classes. That took until 4. I was surprised at our schedule. I had expected to be shoved a lot of math, chem., physics and technical stuff. We’ll have plenty of that but here’s my schedule as it stands –

Military (drill & class work) Mon., Wed. & Fri. 10 to 11, Thurs. 4 to 5 and Sat. at 1:30

Phys. Training – Mon. Wed. & Fri. 8 to 10

Algebra – Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 8 to 9

Geography (here’s a surprise) – Tues. & Thurs. 2 to 3

Trig. – Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 9 to 10

Physics Lecture – Tues. & Thurs. 11 to 12

Physics Lab – Mon. 1 to 3

Physics Lab Drill (recitation I guess) Tues., Wed. & Thurs. 1 to 2

Chem. Lecture – Tues. & Thurs. 10 to 11

History – Mon. Wed., Fri. 3 to 4

English – Mon. Wed., Fri. 11 to 12

The Geography, History and English really surprised me. It seems more as if we will get a general course than a too highly specialized one. It looks pretty good to me even if I don’t care for the English. My day is going to be full from 8 a.m. on. Whenever we have a free hour and from 7 to 10 at night we have supervised study. Lights out will be at 10:30 and bed check at 12 so I can chisel extra time if I need it. I heard what term 2 is getting and I’m glad I’m here in I. They get Analytic and Descriptive Geometry both. I think we have too much physics and not enough chem. but then I guess I shouldn’t complain. After we got back from registering I took my cleaning – O.D. shirt and pants, suntan pants & shirt and tie – $1.10 – over and left it. I inquired about my lost shirt but they were busy and I had to get back for a formation at 4:30. We fell out and the Lt. cautioned us about being nice little boys while in town. As soon as it was over I beat it over to the field house. I was tired of not getting anyplace so I asked just how long I’d have to wait before I got a shirt or my shirt. They hunted thru all they had. None was mine. They had one which no one had claimed for a long time so the gave it to the air corps supply sergeant in exchange for one in my size, The ones in my size were new so I finally got it straightened out and I got a new sport model shirt. Mine was new too so its’ a good exchange. I now have 3 sets of G.I. suntans plus the shirt I bought myself. I sent it to the cleaners. I don’t think there is so much chance of losing things thru the cleaners. I marked all my stuff very plainly. With 4 shirts & 3 prs. of pants I guess I’ll do fine. I came back here and spent the time before supper rolling my new socks and putting my new stuff you sent into my foot locker. I took my dirty clothes out of the box and put them in my barracks bag. I threw away the busted boxes and waste paper and put my laces in my R.O.T.C. shoes before supper. When I went down I found a letter from Lillis from Stanford like I found the card from Aunt Edna last night. I read it while I ate – potato salad, beans, celery, carrots, w.w. bread, butter, milk, and cake. Then I came back here and finished taking care of all my junk. I then put on my new shoes and boy are they nice. The last two days have been pretty swell for me. I’m clear again I guess so maybe I can start classes Monday in a better spirit. I’m latrine orderly until tomorrow noon. I looked at it once or twice. I’ll clean it in the morning. I want to send my laundry home but it sort of has me puzzled. You see I won’t get thru until about 3 on Saturdays. I don’t know whether the post office will be open by the time I get in. Then again I have nothing to pack it in. Can one send parcel post with postage C.O.D. or collect? Do you know? Anyway I’ll see if I can’t get in early next week. Today has been busy and sort of exciting. I hope I get along O.K. and I think I will. We are free now to go anywhere within 15 miles of Fayetteville until 6:30 Sun. night. As soon as classes start we’ll have study periods from 7 to 10. Then when do I write letters I’m wondering. I’ll have to get caught up tomorrow. I have letters from Kircher, 2 from Amelia, Mrs. C., Dick H., Lillis and a card from Edna to answer. I still haven’t answered your Tues. letter or Gram’s and now I have the Wed. letter. I’ll try to get them done tomorrow. We probably won’t have a mail call tomorrow. I doubt if this will be picked up until Mon. but I’ll mail it anyway. I’m quitting now at 7:15. I think I’ll go into town and maybe take in a show if it looks good. So for tonight Thanks and love from



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