He Was Conscious Today




Camp Maxey, Texas

20 October 1944


SUBJECT: Report of Day’s Activities of EM.


To           : Commanding General, Forist Family, 1010 Beech Street, Lansing 12, Michigan.

  1. Reference is made to Cpl Arlington A. Forist, 36416037, a member of this command.
  2. Cpl Forist has had a rough week and is a little tired tonight. He took a shower after finishing up his letter home last night and then got to bed at about 10:45. Incidentally the luminous dial on his new watch works very well after dark. The rest of the company was out on bivouac last night and came in at about 6:30 this morning but the Cpl was a little sleepy from a couple nights on the train so he slept on through breakfast and might still be sleeping for all we know if Pvt John A Kinley 36856182 also a member of this command had not awakened him at about 7:20. So the Cpl got up and dragged on his clothes and after doing a little half-hearted sweeping he took off for his usual goldbricking job at the personnel section. He did his usual morning reports and after interviewing a few men got to work on a lot of stuff that had to be done. I guess he must be a little lazy or something because his work is never really all done for some reason. An inspector was in and as usual he got Cpl Forist’s records to check but he didn’t find anything seriously wrong. At noon he quit for dinner. He ate some potatoes, corn, bread, butter, and an apple. After eating he went over to the PX for a bottle of milk with a pie which seems to be quite a habit for him lately. He was conscious [conscientious?] today so he went back to work at 12:30. MY.MY. He finished the job he was on and then got tied up with a mess of MOS changes again. He worked on the stuff until nearly 5:00 when he quit to go eat supper. He had some potatoes, sliced tomatoes, bread, butter and jam. Since his three day pass the first of this week he has been known to turn up his nose a bit at the GI chow our good mess sergeant puts forth. After eating he shaved and washed up and dressed to go to a class in administration that is being held each Tues and Fri night at 9th Hq 4th Army. He grumbled about something more to take up this evenings. It is this person’s belief that Cpl Forist is unhappy in the service. He missed some work tonight though. The battalion is moving back up where it used to be when he went on furlough so he didn’t have to go up and help clean up the barracks. The fact that they are moving indicates that Cp. Forist can unpack his bag and figure on a little more time in Camp Maxey at least until Nov 20. In fact the furlough deal has been extended to include the men who came back by the 30th of June so if they extend it a week or so more Cpl Forist may take off on furlough. Of course he is a bit pessimistic about it right now knowing the Army but there is a possibility that he might be able to keep that promise he is alleged to have made to the folks back home that he would be home for Xmas. He has been whistling White Xmas and I’ll Be Home For Xmas all afternoon much to some people’s dismay but he is sometimes happy in his ignorance. After dressing he went out and pitched a few curve balls with Buchman until time to go to class. It might be noted that his curve was breaking for the first time in about 5 years tonight. Maybe he should be pitching instead of punching. He rode up to the class which lasted about an hour. They started it off with a test to see if he had read outside of class on his lesson. Unfortunately he had not but he seemed to do the best of the clerks from the 1268th because he missed only one question out of 10. After the class was over he came back to the personnel office and typed up an inclosure for his morning report tomorrow morning. He was the only one to come back. The other members of the section proceeded to go to a cinema. When he finished his work he started to write a letter to his folks and I believe he is still at it at 10:00 p.m. He got no mail from home yet today and I imagine he doesn’t expect to get any until at least Saturday. He loudly acclaims the fact that he is about ready for bed now. He’ll probably sleep thru reveille tomorrow morning if somebody doesn’t wake him up.
  3. Therefore in view of the above stated day of the subject soldier, it is felt by this headquarters that in lieu of a discharge at the present time he should be granted a 15 day furlough starting on or about 21 Dec 44 with sufficient WD AGO Form 7’s in his possession so that he could leave this station by noon of Saturday 16 Dec 44 and proceed by the best available means to Lansing Michigan.

4. Request acknowledgment of receipt by indorsement hereon.

For the Commanding Officer:


CORPORAL, 36416037



Bet you thought some of this was serious didn’t you?

So long for tonight,



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