Everybody Is Home But Me

Sat. 27 Oct. ‘45

Wack Wack Country Club



Dear folks,

Sat. night and we just got back from the movies. They had “Bell for Adano” tonight and it was a pretty good picture although I didn’t care much for the ending. Not much new today. Last night I got Gram’s and Dad’s letters postmarked Oct. 16. No mail today so far and I guess there won’t be any. We were pretty busy all day and worked most of the afternoon, even though it was Saturday. So far as I know we won’t be working tomorrow unless something comes up.

It’s raining hard outside and has been almost continually for 3 days. We were lucky to be able to sit through most of the movie before it started to rain again. I washed my boots 3 days ago and they are still wet. Nothing is able to dry out with it like this. It’s a good thing we aren’t still down on the rice paddie we hit the first night. What a mess that would be by now.

Our P.X. opened up tonight so I picked up a few things including this paper & some shoe polish so I can get garrison. We went back into suntans again today at Hqs. It’s going to create a laundry problem as I see the pants are pretty dirty already. There must be mud inside my poncho by the looks of things. So far we have no provisions for laundry. We are supposed to build one for Quartermaster before we finish I understand.

We have things set up pretty well and as soon as the hospital unit moves out we’ll go into their barracks. With lights, radios and everything we need we are sitting pretty and I just hope it lasts until we have to leave for good.

Its swell Donald is home. From what you folks write I guess everybody is home but me, but maybe I’ll make it yet. They’re bound to run out men to discharge some day and then I’ll be all set.

I think I’ll catch a shower and get to bed fairly early tonight so I’ll call this it.

Be seein’ yo’all


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