Dirt Balls

Wed. May 24, 1944

About 5:45 p.m.


Dear folks,

I intended to write tonight and answer your letters but I don’t guess I’ll get very far. The Lt. slapped a 3 day restriction on the company today because of a dirty latrine & barracks. I guess it lasts until Fri. I hear we have to work tonight. I can’t see any way of getting out of it although I don’t see where its’ my responsibility. The 1st Sgt. didn’t put anyone on as latrine orderly so naturally it wasn’t cleaned. So it looks as if another evening is shot.

Back at about 10:00 I guess. Kay Kyser is leaving the air. I did more actual work tonight than I’ve done in months. Last night as soon as I finished my note to you I got to bed. I was up at 6:00 naturally. I dressed, fell out for reveille, swept, mopped, ate breakfast. I had French toast, syrup, milk and an orange. Then at 7:30 I went to work. I got my report and a couple of typing jobs done and then had very little to do the rest of the morning. I got your swell long weekend letter today and also a V-mail note from George. I was surprised to hear from him. At 11:30 we quit for dinner. It was a lousy meal. I had peas & carrots, buns, butter and cookies plus some of the stuff you sent me. At 12:30 we went back to work. I had a few allotments to type up and then I cleaned my typewriter. Before we left we swept and scrubbed out our office. Somebody has raised a kick so now we have to go out for calisthenics. The Co. clerks alternate. I get it ½ hour Mon., Wed., & Fri. I guess it’s good for me. I don’t get any exercise on this job and I should get a little. I came back at 4:30 and washed, shaved, and showered during retreat. For supper I had potatoes, salad, bread, butter, and caramel pudding. After eating I put on my fatigues and started writing but not for long. We fell out at about 6:00. I got on a dirt detail. We had to haul dirt to cover a place they have been filling in with coal of all things to use. I shoveled some but most of the time until we quit or finished at 8:30 I pushed a wheel barrow. Then we came in and scrubbed the barracks upstairs & down. We did a good job and in only about an hour. So that’s today. Tomorrow night may be the same way. Sun. it was my fault but the last 3 nights I haven’t had time to write. I’m sure way behind but I’ll catch you yet. Well I’m sticky & sweaty & need a shower again. The dirt balls are rolling up on my chest. What a life. Well I’ll call this it for tonight & see what happens tomorrow. 1 year ago today I got to Stanford & I sure was happy over things.


So long


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